Issue #612

March 3rd, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Rebecca Franks tries something a bit more advanced and creates a different-looking progress bar than the standard ones we are used to.
Deliver the mobile experience your users demand. An app free from frozen frames, lags in start times, and slow rendering. Join our live session for a breakdown of mobile app performance monitoring best practices to help you and your team spend less time fixing and more time building.
Here are the results of Alex Styl's survey asking 165 participants about their Compose API knowledge and usage.
Tom Colvin continues his series by examining the inner workings of Kotlin Coroutines, taking a closer look at scope, context, and Jobs.
Embed a reliable document scanner with OCR in your app, enabling your customers to capture high-quality, legible documents that you can process effortlessly. Hundreds of companies and millions of users trust the Genius Scan technology. Supports Android, iOS, and cross-platform frameworks.
Aden Huen breaks down how Kotlin came to be, its approach to error handling, and how we can implement it the way it was designed.
Jacob Ras shows how to use Koin Annotations in a multiplatform project to simplify the setup of dependencies.
Muhammad Mohsin Shafqat dives into practical examples to help you make informed decisions about Sealed Classes and Sealed Interfaces.
Ahmed Elshaer decided to try to recreate the animations from Google's Gemini app using Jetpack Compose.
Mkhytar Mkhoian tells you how to build and deploy a documentation website for your project using Dokka.
Alex Zhukovich explores options for parsing and formatting LocalDateTime, LocalDate, and LocalTime types.
Shreyas Patil examines Jetpack Compose 1.7.x, where there is an API that can support rich media content handling.
Ben Trengrove explains strong skipping mode, an experimental feature in the Jetpack Compose Compiler 1.5.4+ that is currently being tested.
When something unexpected happens in our code, we call it an exception. In this chapter, Dave Leeds teaches all about how we can handle those exceptions!
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Libraries & Code
Trace the recomposition of a Composable with its cause without any boilerplate code.
Google has launched Android Studio Iguana šŸ¦Ž in the stable release channel to make it easier for you to create high-quality apps.
Google shares how you can benefit from changes to Wear OS when building experiences for it.
Videos & Podcasts
In this captivating episode, Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi delve deep into the world of Android development with industry giants, Chet Haase and Sergio Sancho.
Stevdza-San's quick introduction to using Compose Multiplatform for authentication.
Philipp Lackner shows you The Ultimate Package Structure Guide for Android Developers.
Charfaoui Younes shares the simplest rule you can use to improve your Jetpack Compose Performance immediately
Amit Shekhar answers the question: What is an open keyword in Kotlin?
Alireza Tizfahmfard teaches about the importance of modularizing Android projects and proposes an innovative approach for seamless transition.
Nav Singh covers generics in Kotlin, as well as the upper bound on its type system.
Explore the library called Circuit from the developers of Slack and see what it means to use Compose beyond the UI layer.
Etienne Caron's quick dive into using OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite on Android.
GDE Dimitre Oliveira shows how to program a generative AI to create music and video clips.