Issue #614

March 17th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Pushpal Roy examines LookaheadScope, a new experimental API in Jetpack Compose that allows for predictive animations based on the future state of the layout.
You may not realize it, but mobile engineers are likely treated as second-class citizens in your org. The steady stream of busywork required to get an app shipped is a huge time and resource sink that gets shrugged off because it’s just how things work. This status quo isn’t good enough. Read why.
Manuel Vivo covers how to prepare for various Staff-level interviews at different companies.
Embrace helps Android engineers resolve user impacting issues quickly and painlessly. Go from any individual issue to the root cause in seconds with complete user session timelines for every user. See how!
This article by Tom Colvin lifts the lid on asynchrony and introduces flows.
Costa Fotiadis shows how to duplicate the nice lighting effect going on around the edges of a video in the latest YouTube app.
Jake Wharton considers some issues that arise when your JVM versions differ from what you've set for your Android builds.
Victor Brandalise shows you how to add Ktlint to your Android project and also how to configure it
Mike Yerou considers why code can be considered a liability.
Segun Famisa shares some tips that can help you analyze your Gradle dependencies and debug them too.
Nick Rout believes that In a world of Compose Multiplatform and UIs that need to differentiate by brand identity and craft… Material Design should be a choice, not the default.
Jaewoong E. guides you through the fundamental concept of stability in Jetpack Compose, and offers strategies for effective management.
Pushpal Roy aims to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of how to create a container transform animation using Lookahead APIs.
Andrii Veremiienko demonstrates how to create an interesting main screen animation using Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
Code sources for Kotlin Essentials book by Marcin Moskała
Google for Games is coming to GDC in San Francisco! From March 18 to March 22, experience Google's comprehensive suite of multi-platform game development tools and explore the new features from Play Pass.
Google I/O is arriving this year on May 14th and you’re invited to join online!
JetBrains shares its ongoing plans and goals for Ktor.
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes shares 5 Android app ideas to create, and add projects to your portfolio to increase your skills as a developer with different problems to solve.
Yanneck Reiß shows that with Compose Multiplatform 1.6.0 we can now finally preview composables directly from the commonCode using JetBrains Fleet.
Eeva-Jonna Panula shares some tips and demonstrates how you can improve the accessibility of your graphs so that they work for different types of users - whether they are using assistive technologies or not.
Dive into the captivating world of Android development in this special episode, where you build a Lint check live on stream with the expertise of Tor Norbye.
Daniel Atitienei implements a document scanner using Jetpack Compose and ML Kit.
Android Studio Iguana delivers powerful new tools to tackle sluggish app performance, frustrating crashes, and dependency headaches, and is now available for downloading on the stable channel.
Learn about a useful wrapper class in Jetpack Compose that is useful on a daily basis!
Playlist of presentations from Playtime EMEA 2023