Issue #616

March 31st, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
In a new chapter of Kotlin: An Illustrated Guide, Dave Leeds teaches how to use generic types.
Join us Thursday, April 11th as we share how to improve mobile performance by removing friction and frustration. We'll be talking about getting to the root cause of app performance issues quickly, how to connect app metrics to user and business outcomes, and more. Save your seat!
Renato Costa reviews the current status of blocking systems by building and examining a simple Spring Boot application, then introduces Kotlin Coroutines, and how they can help us to model our non-blocking services.
Burak Karaduman focuses on managing clicks on localized text in your Jetpack Compose applications.
ZhangKe takes a look at Kotlin Serialization, a cross-platform serialization and deserialization library provided by Kotlin.
Sergei Mikhailovskii describes how you can get rid of boilerplate code in your build.gradle files in a multimodule project with the help of the Convention plugins.
Eevis Panula shares some thoughts about personalization and accessibility, provides ideas on adding personalization options, and discusses setting up dedicated accessibility settings.
Thomas Künneth writes about how Android 14 contains partial support for Java 17.
Pedro Francisco de Sousa Neto teaches all the ways to declare dependencies using Koin—Koin DSL, Constructor DSL, and finally the powerful Koin Annotations.
Minas Giannekas experiments with building the same app using Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI, and Flutter.
Kevin Schildhorn discusses the newest version of the lifecycle-viewmodel artifact, part of the official Android Jetpack library, and how it adds support for KMP projects.
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Starting from v.2024.1, IntelliJ IDEA comes with an optional K2 mode. In this mode the IDE uses the K2 compiler for faster and more robust Kotlin code analysis.
Android 14 QPR2 brings exciting advancements in user privacy and streamlined multitasking with app screen sharing.
Google revealed the Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator class of 2024
Google announced support for Play Install Referrer on Google Play Games on PC, allowing you to attribute conversions from your marketing activities on the Web.
Google shared more details about their investments in games at the Google for Games Developer Summit. Check out the Keynote session on demand, or keep reading for key product updates from the summit.
Dave Burke marks the second chapter of the Android 15 story with the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 2!
Videos & Podcasts
Mike Wolfson discusses how you can apply color, typography, and dimension standards across your applications universally.
Charfaoui Younes shares the top 7 ADB commands to use often to effectively test and work with Android apps.
Philipp Lackner shows how to Implement a Pull-to-Refresh LazyColumn with Material3 in Android Studio!
Build a cross-platform (iOS & Android) library using Kotlin Multiplatform
Tor, Romain, and Chet talk with Aurash Mahbod from the Play Games team at Google -- covering trends in mobile games, challenges for Android games developers, console games, and more!