Issue #618

April 14th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
They’re messy. Chaotic. Time-devouring. Without the sort of infra support that non-mobile software engineers usually receive, mobile engineers are left to build bespoke scripting and then spend hours every release remembering how they did things last time. The complex (and mundane) tasks required to get an app into the hands of users is a time sink that pulls engineers away from more important work. How do we fix this?
Kerry Bisset examines enhancing the Composable View Model with Dependency Injection.
Nek.12 has a solution for MVI/MVVM's “inconsistent state problem”.
Application Not Responding (ANR) errors are some of the most frustrating to encounter and often difficult to debug. Get a handle on ANRs in this deep dive blog with details on how Android OS monitors, processes, and triggers ANRs. Learn more:
Nimit Raja delves into the powerful trio of Jetpack Compose, Ktor, and Koin, exploring how they synergize to streamline and enhance modern Android app development.
Alex Zaitsev presents a comprehensive solution to focus management with Jetpack Compose on TV.
Myric September takes a closer look at the ML Kit Document Scanner API.
Surendar Dharavath delves into how to implement critical alerts on Android devices.
John Petitto leverages annotations to manage deep links in a scalable way.
Jonathan Koren discusses details of how Hilt provides and scopes dependencies in a traditional Android app and how Compose changes our approach.
Ryan Harter shows how to extend Coil to use custom data types and data sources when retrieving images.
Mark Murphy rummages through the API differences report for Android 15 Beta 1.
David Debre demonstrates how to use SubComposeLayout, a low level API for building layouts in Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
Pokedex Compose demonstrates modern Android development with Jetpack Compose, Hilt, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel), and Material Design based on MVVM architecture
Gradle Plugin to investigate KMP project's hierarchy
Generate realistically looking fake data such as names, addresses, banking details, and many more, that can be used for testing and data anonymization purposes.
A tiny Kotlin multiplatform library that assists in saving and restoring objects to and from disk using kotlinx.coroutines, kotlinx.serialisation and okio
In celebration of Women’s History month, Google is celebrating the founders behind groundbreaking apps and games from around the world - made by women or for women.
The Google Drive team rebuilt the home page from the ground up using Jetpack Compose, Android’s modern declarative toolkit for creating native UI.
Videos & Podcasts
Aline Ayres presents how the main Continuous Integration tools and technologies contribute to creating high-quality Android apps that stand out in the market.
Charfaoui Younes demonstrates how and when to use the awesome feature of Kotlin Context Receivers.
Stevdza-San builds a custom Navigation Drawer component with Jetpack Compose.
Philipp Lackner discusses why Sealed Classes for UI State are an ANTI-PATTERN.
Burhanuddin Rashid contemplates why we end up with complexity over simplicity in software.