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April 21st, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Take a self-guided tour to see how quickly you can identify and solve a user-impacting issue. With Embrace, view any error in the context of other technical and behavioral events, like clicks, taps, network calls, breadcrumbs, and more. See why having a full timeline of everything that happened during a user's session helps you solve problems faster.
Donovan LaDuke's last article covered using Compose views in an existing XML view, but what happens when the opposite is needed? This article goes over the details.
Donn Felker discusses why an XML Toolbar is far simpler and requires less code than an AppBar in a ComposeView.
Theyā€™re messy. Chaotic. Time-devouring. Without the sort of infra support that non-mobile software engineers usually receive, mobile engineers are left to build bespoke scripting and then spend hours every release remembering how they did things last time. The complex (and mundane) tasks required to get an app into the hands of users is a time sink that pulls engineers away from more important work. How do we fix this?
Renato Costa examines Kotlin Flows which are powerful tools to handle streams of data in a suspending manner.
Eric Donovan introduces N8, a pure Kotlin, state-based navigation library.
This tutorial demonstrates how to use Android Studio to create an advanced mobile application for iOS and Android using Kotlin Multiplatform.
Narayan Panthi shows how to build a nested LazyColumn in Jetpack Compose.
Julien Salvi takes time to explore and integrate ML Kit's new library to digitize physical documents directly from your Android application.
Kevin Schildhorn considers why many teams are building more architectures than needed or intended which can lead to slow Kotlin Multiplatform build times.
The ClickableText composable has been marked as deprecated. Joe Birch shows how to replace it with the newer LinkAnnotation.
When it comes to Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP), Firebase lacks official support. FunkyMuse shows how to use an open-source SDK wrapper that supports KMP.
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Libraries & Code
state based navigation library
The Firebase Kotlin SDK is a Kotlin-first SDK for Firebase. Its API is similar to the official Firebase Android SDK Kotlin Extensions but also supports multiplatform projects.
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Videos & Podcasts
Dave Leeds covers the basics of inline functions, the nuances, and how we can use crossinline and noinline to get the behavior that we want.
Charfaoui Younes demonstrates four ways to handle recomposition within Jetpack Compose UIs.
Stevdza-San shows how to load an image URL on both Android and iOS with ease!
Learn about the Android 15 Beta release, how Android Studio uses Gemini Pro to make Android development faster and easier, a story about how Google Drive cut code and development time in half, and how to use Dependency Injection in Compose!
Code with the Italians dives into their open-source Android app designed for privacy-first photo sharing.
Philipp Lackner helps you understand the difference between MVVM vs. MVI
Daniel Atitienei explores the new Version Catalogs, examining the benefits and also how to migrate to it.
Yanneck ReiƟ explores the Android Studio Device Streaming feature, powered by Firebase.
In this talk, learn how Bazel can be beneficial for improving the build times of your project
Dmitri Chernysh walks through the steps needed to publish an app on Google Play.