Issue #620

April 28th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Ever wonder how the big names in mobile engineering manage the human side of their app releases? Teams often don't talk about that stuff! Manolo Sañudo is close to DoorDash's release process, and he gives us a peek into how one of the world's top mobile orgs does mobile releases.
Jaewoong Eum explores how to seamlessly implement shared element transitions and the container transform across various use cases using the latest version of Compose UI.
This article showcases a technique that uses A/B testing to understand how your app’s power consumption characteristics might change with different versions of the same feature
In the final part of this series, Nitin Tiwari walks you through deploying a fine-tuned Gemma model on Android.
Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez examines coroutine behavior through playful examples.
Eevis Panula discusses one example of accessibility issues that could be solved with the help of settings.
Colin Lee shares the journey of releasing Markdown Twain, a WYSIWYG Markdown editor for Jetpack Compose.
Dave Leeds teaches all about generic variance in Kotlin.
Gustavo Fão Valvassori considers one of the best features of Compose: its interoperability. With Compose iOS, you can interop with both UIKit and Swift UI.
sinasamaki shows that adding vibrations in Jetpack Compose is super easy!
Francesc Vilarino Guell explores a recently released feature in Jetpack Compose, shared element transitions across different screens.
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Libraries & Code
A Survey library of fully configurable, dynamic questions/answers and UI written in Jetpack Compose.
A Jetpack Compose UI library for editing Markdown content on Android, based on Markwon
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes looks at an important software design rule that causes even big engineers to create flawed code that we're still using to this day.
Mohit Sarveiya goes over the process of setting up Jetpack Compose Multiplatform and shows how to architect an app where the UI is shared using the library.
GDG Montreal April 2024 Android Meetup
Discover how an Android app can interact with hardware I/O components to turn your next game idea into a fully working arcade
Code with the Italians bought a random Bluetooth LE gadget from AliExpress, and decided to reverse engineer its BLE protocol and implement their own app!
Stevdza-San shows how to use the new shared element transitions coming to Jetpack Compose.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to blur images using Jetpack Compose.
Yanneck Reiß explore the the Compose Resources library, focusing on internationalization (i18n) / localization (l10n) and resource management for Compose Multiplatform.