Issue #622

May 12th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Join us Thursday, May 23rd for a 30 minute session with solution engineers from Embrace and get a step-by-step walkthrough on how to integrate our Android SDK. Learn how to leverage our open-source SDK's to monitor and elevate your Android app. Save your seat!
Guilherme Delgado reflects on what it means to be native.
James Williams discusses new color options and carousel refinements in the latest Material Design Components library.
Qamar A. Safadi clears the air and breaks down the distinctions between “System Design” and “Design System”.
Marco Gomiero continues the series and shows how to publish a Kotlin Multiplatform iOS app on App Store with GitHub Actions
Sagar Khurana delves into the Compose Compiler Metrics Plugin, offering insights on immutable and mutable objects, and providing practical solutions to common performance issues.
Pierre-Yves Ricau runs the new LeakCanary toolkit against the Slack Android app. Read on to learn a bunch!
Andrey Bogomolov shares fresh discoveries and advanced practices in optimizing Compose.
Continuing the series, Igor Escodro now focuses on creating a multi-platform user interface and thanks to Compose Multiplatform,
K2 is around the corner and if you haven't prepared your projects for it, Zac Sweers helps cover some of the areas to watch out for.
This blog post revisits Koin’s support for lazy modules and background loading, showing how you can leverage them to enhance your Kotlin applications
Liam Spradlin updates a guide on how to use Material components to create the smoothest navigation for your app.
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Libraries & Code
An Android File downloader library based on WorkManager
This repository aims to bridge the gap between JUnit 5 and Robolectric
Google has made the SDK Console available to all SDKs, as long as they're distributed from a canonical Maven repository source that we can verify.
Google announces more frequent Android Studio updates with new "Feature drops".
Google I/O is arriving this year on May 14th and you’re invited to join online!
Videos & Podcasts
Learn more about the support for range and inequality filters on multiple fields in a single query that just became available on Firestore
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to create an amazing transition using the new shared element transition API.
We finally have a shared element transition API for Compose! Philipp Lackner shows you how to use it.
Sarp Remzi Aksu presents challenging situations with Kotlin development and how can the audience overcome this challenging situations with 7 different steps.
Ultimate Guide on Publishing KMP Library on a New Sonatype Central Platform
A quick introduction to new type-safe navigation in Compose Navigation.