Issue #623

May 19th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
The right mobile app protection secures apps and SDKs against threats such as reverse engineering, back-end abuse, app cloning, piracy, and IP theft, to name a few. Join our webinar for a nuanced explanation of mobile app protection, comparing compiler-based technology and wrapper solutions.
Oleksandr Berezhnyi shares some tips for automatic screenshots for the Play store.
Kashif Mehmood shows step by step how to start using coil3 for the CMP project.
Take the pain out of configuring and testing your app's paywalls. With RevenueCat Paywalls you can remotely configure and edit your entire paywall view without waiting on App Review.
John O'Reilly outlines changes made to add use of the Jetpack Paging library to a KMP sample app.
FunkyMuse examines the new Images and Resources support in KMP.
Donovan LaDuke shares some approaches to creating reusable and sharable data for previewing composables.
Victor Brandalise explores frequent mistakes developers make when using ViewModels.
Marco Gomiero show how to deploy a Kotlin Multiplatform macOS app outside the Mac App Store using GitHub Releases.
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Google shared the latest developments for apps and games, plus how they’re helping you reinforce trust with secure, high-quality experiences, acquire and engage users, and optimize your revenue.
Google has made the SDK Console available to all SDKs, as long as they're distributed from a canonical Maven repository source that we can verify.
Google announced an exciting new set of features and tools aimed at making Android development faster and easier.
This post provides an overview of all the announcements related to Jetpack Compose.
Google has open sourced more code for Project Gameface to help developers build Android applications to make every Android device more accessible
Whether a new or existing app, simply integrate the Gemini API for a chance to win great prizes.
Google announced the general availability of Checks, Google’s AI-powered compliance platform.
Google shared some new features that you can use to create exciting new watch face designs!
Google offers two primary APIs for developers, Health Connect and Health Services on Wear OS, which are both used by a growing number of apps on Android and Wear OS.
Highlight some of the key Wear OS updates announced at Google I/O this year.
Learn about changes to Jetpack Compose to help your apps scale across all screen sizes.
Google shares updates across in-car experiences and introduces new programs and resources to make it easier for you to bring your apps to cars.
Everything that's new in Google TV and Android TV OS.
Google has released the second beta of Android 15.
Google has re-envisioned Home as a platform for all developers.
Google announced supporting Kotlin Multiplatform on Android, which enables sharing code across mobile, web, server, and desktop platforms.
Everything new in Firebase announced at Google I/O 2024.
Take a look at all the new Google Wallet features and enhancements announced at Google I/O.
Google covered building adaptable apps, increasing user productivity with key inputs like keyboard and stylus, and scaling games across surfaces.
Google Play is building a new surface to organize and spotlight the best and most relevant content from apps already installed on an Android phone.
Videos & Podcasts
Dave Leeds considers what 2.0 is all about, and explore some of the updates that I'm most looking forward to!
Charfaoui Younes shares 10 Android dev, Compose, and Kotlin interview questions to prepare for your next Android interview.
Practice with Quizzes and Speed up your Learning - Kozzie App
Philipp Lackner shows you the Type-Safe Navigation with the OFFICIAL Compose Navigation Library
Playlist of all announcements and presentations related to mobile at Google I/O 2024.
Here are a few odds and ends and tidbits that Ahmed el-Helw learned while working on various Compose for Web projects.