Issue #625

June 2nd, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Embed a reliable document scanner with OCR in your app, enabling your customers to capture high-quality, legible documents that you can process effortlessly. Hundreds of companies and millions of users trust the Genius Scan technology. Supports Android, iOS, and cross-platform frameworks.
Romain Guy returns with another Kotlin code optimization, speeding up code used to count the number of digits in a Long.
Arnaud Giuliani recaps everything about the Koin dependency injection for all Compose application development from KotlinConf.
Mobile releases don’t have to be shouldered by a single person or small group of SMEs using hidden know-how to make the whole thing run. With adequate preparation and support, any mobile engineer (or even a PM or QA) should be able to tackle a release with the right resources in hand. Learn how and why to set up a release rotation for your own team.
Uli Bubenheimer explores effective patterns and best practices for the android-maps-compose GitHub library, with a focus on map markers.
In Episode I of the Jetpack Compose Series, Narayan Panthi covered creating a login page and some UI elements. Now, dive into Navigation.
This special edition of the Kotlin Roundup is dedicated exclusively to KotlinConf 2024.
Sandeep Kella shares a comprehensive overview of functional interfaces in Kotlin.
ZhangKe introduces how to achieve an immersive effect drawing in status and navigation areas using Jetpack Compose.
Ed Holloway-George takes a look at what the deprecation of Jetpack Security Crypto means for those who have previously embraced EncryptedSharedPreferences and also for those who may have been looking to adopt it.
Sam Edwards' quickstart guide to get started with Frontend Intermediate Representation (FIR) for static analysis.
Mike Yerou explores why it's often better to favor exhaustive when statements without else when dealing with enums.
sinasamaki demonstrates a Compose Flipboard page fold animation
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Libraries & Code
Add asynchronous RPC services to your Kotlin multiplatform applications.
A framework for building responsive Android apps using Jetpack Compose
What’s new and notable in the world of Android development: I/O’24, Android 15, KMP, Compose, AndroidX, and more.
fun code() – A magazine for Kotlin™ developers
JetBrains published a huge update to the Kotlin library creators' guidelines, advising you on the design, implementation, and maintenance of great Kotlin libraries.
Gradle's DPE University offers 10 free self-paced Developer Productivity Engineering courses on Gradle & more.
Ignat Beresnev built an index of Kotlin™ Multiplatform libraries.
Videos & Podcasts
Daniel Atitienei teaches how to use type-safe navigation.
Domen Lanišnik takes a look at what feature flags are, how they can help us, best practices, and how to start using them in your project by leveraging the Firebase Remote Config cloud service.
Stevdza-San examines what's new in Kotlin 2.0.
Puf discusses the 7 top takeaways from Firebase at Google I/O 2024 including the new logo for Firebase, SQL, and more!
Dave Leeds boils down coroutines to their most fundamental properties.
Charfaoui Younes shows the best way to learn new stuff and keep up with the industry's latest.
Philipp Lackner shows you how the List + Detail screens just Got SO MUCH easier using NavigableListDetailPaneScaffold.
What’s new and notable in the world of Android development: I/O’24, Android 15, KMP, Compose, AndroidX, and more!
Sebastian Sellmair's basic Gradle introduction covers Tasks, Gradle Configurations, and how different Gradle projects can depend on each other.