Issue #626

June 9th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Mobile releases don’t have to be shouldered by a single person or small group of SMEs using hidden know-how to make the whole thing run. With adequate preparation and support, any mobile engineer (or even a PM or QA) should be able to tackle a release with the right resources in hand. Learn how and why to set up a release rotation for your own team.
Thomas Bernard shows the different types of keyboard available under Jetpack Compose.
Márton Braun shares an explanation to help you with ordering your modifiers correctly.
Finally, a common language across DevOps and mobile dev teams. With the only open source, OpenTelemetry SDKs specialized for mobile, you can modernize your observability practice with critical mobile signals from real users. The days of siloed tools that don’t share a common set of telemetry are over. Learn more about how to integrate the new OTel SDKs from Embrace today.
Customizing coroutine contexts in Kotlin is an advanced feature that allows you to control the execution environment of coroutines. Sandeep Kella dives into the details.
Eevis Panula shows how to add some accessibility-related tests for three custom components.
Donovan LaDuke takes a look at the new layout component for Compose, "Contextual Flow Layout".
Joe Birch examines how to allow a composable to hook into the nested scrolling hierarchy of your layout.
Richard Woollcott tries AndroidX Jetpack ViewModels and DataStore on a Kotlin Multiplatform app using SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose on iOS and Android.
Zahra Heydari's step-by-step guide to creating your first cross-platform application that works on Android and iOS platforms.
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Libraries & Code
Android Gradle Plugin that masks secret strings for the app in the source code making it difficult to extract from reverse engineering.
To help developers build, learn and grow, Google has createdthe Google Developer Program.
The Roborazzi plugin enhances your development workflow by automatically displaying screenshots related to Roborazzi's screenshot tests within IntelliJ IDEA.
Videos & Podcasts
Charfaoui Younes shares a 10-step checklist for Creating Jetpack Compose UIs.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to add an overflow indicator using Jetpack Compose.
Sebastian Sellmair shows the basics and fundamentals of Gradle by re-implementing the Kotlin Gradle Plugin from scratch.
The kt whisperer takes a deep dive into Kotlin annotations and annotation processors.
István Juhos shares scenarios where jumping on the Compose train in a project unprepared might cause long-term headaches.
Stevdza-San shows how to persist key-value pairs locally on both Android/iOS using DataStore KMP.
Philipp Lackner shares some of the latest advancements in Kotlin and Android.
Chet Haase & Marc Reichelt share their journey creating 'fun code()', a resource for Kotlin enthusiasts.
Huyen Tue Dao chats with Lacey Kobriger to find out what it means to do native mobile design, what goes into creating delightful experiences, and a whole lot more.