Issue #627

June 16th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
🚀 Exciting news! Appium and BrowserStack announced a strategic partnership to enhance mobile app testing. Appium users get cutting-edge features, while BrowserStack optimizes Appium-based testing. Appium users can claim your special premium access to BrowserStack’s App Testing products here.
If you’re using ViewModels, keep these tips by Reza in mind for better code quality.
Kerry Bisset walks through of setting up DataStore in a Kotlin Multiplatform project, and wrapping it in an interface for dependency injection with Koin.
Gain invaluable insights into how users are using your app with detailed heatmaps and session recordings. Trusted by thousands of companies, Clarity SDK helps you enhance user experience, and drive growth, all while maintaining user privacy and with minimal impact on your app. And it’s 100% FREE!
Marcin Moskała writes about one of the most important mechanisms of Kotlin Coroutines for Android developers, cancellation.
Katie Barnett shows how to use dependencyInsight and fix transient dependencies to specific versions in your Android app.
Chris Arriola goes over work needed to update a sample app — Jetcaster — to support additional form factors.
Marwa Diab teaches how to delete Firebase users, and revoke Apple & Google access tokens.
Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez examines join, await, and coroutine behavior through playful examples.
Eevis Panula discusses GraphQL and how to use it in an Android project.
Iury Souza thinks Kotlin is a great language, and examines where there’s a lot of room for improvement in the developer experience.
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Libraries & Code
A tool to compare two APK files at the dex level. Useful for checking the impact of things like fullMode and dex optimisations.
Kotlin Multiplatform library for monitoring network connectivity
Videos & Podcasts
Listen to an in-depth conversation with Michael Rittmeister and Luca Kellermann, the brains behind Kord, a Kotlin library designed for interacting with the Discord API.
Darryn Campbell discusses the challenges and solutions in maintaining performance and scalability when adding real-time capabilities to your app.
Charfaoui Younes demonstrates one of the top testing libraries for Kotlin.
Dave Leeds teaches what happens to type arguments when our Kotlin code is compiled, and how we can step around certain type erasure problems with reified type parameters.
Stevdza-San walks through user authentication with Kotlin/Compose Multiplatform on iOS/Android.
Philipp Lackner show you why you might consider not using popBackStack() to Navigate Back.
Mohsen Mirhoseini interviews some of the key individuals involved in producing "fun code()" paper magazine to discuss what went into producing it.
In this playlist, explore the latest advancements in Compose, enabling you to design and develop seamless user interfaces across various devices. See what's new in Compose for phones, tablets, Wear OS, and even TVs, all presented at Google I/O '24.
In this episode learn about Google @ KotlinConf, Android Studio updates, I/O recaps, AndroidX updates, and more!
Ivan Morgillo and Sebastiano Poggi sit down with Adam McNeilly to explore the essence of the Android community.
Vertex AI is a service from Google Cloud that helps developers build Generative AI features with the Gemini API among other dozens of things.
Nicola Corti talks about GraphQL with Tanmai Gopal, CEO and co-founder of Hasura, an open-source GraphQL engine.
Sebastian Sellmair's basic introduction into the 'TCS' (Target, Compilation, Source Set) Model of the Kotlin Gradle Plugin.