Issue #628

June 23rd, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
You need the right data to improve app performance and user experiences. With Embrace, get user-focused mobile telemetry, crucial performance insights, and better collaboration with your backend team. Built with open source, OpenTelemetry SDKs for full transparency, portability, and extensibility.
Stefano Natali examines the Compose way to build beautiful Widgets on Android.
Sandeep Kella takes a look at Dynamic App Shortcuts, which let you add shortcuts to your app that can change while the app is running.
Take the pain out of configuring and testing your app's paywalls. With RevenueCat Paywalls you can remotely configure and edit your entire paywall view without waiting on App Review.
Have you ever wondered which multithreading framework is the fastest? Danil Perevalov shares the results of several tests.
Joe Birch explores Screenshotbot, which can help alleviate some of the friction experienced when trying to integrate screenshot tests into your workflow.
Donovan LaDuke examines a built-in implementation for Compose previews that doesn't require calling asSequence on a List.
Sid Patil takes you from the initial machine setup for building AOSP, and IDE configurations, to booting your very first Android system image on a compatible device.
Understanding how Gradle properties work can save you a lot of time debugging. Tadeas Kriz explains how to set properties and what their priorities are.
Sagar Khuranaenhanced writes about enhancing app startup time by over 20% and runtime performance by more than 25% through the integration of Baseline Profile.
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Libraries & Code
iCore is a comprehensive Android library designed to streamline the development process by providing a robust set of modular components.
A library to help auto-generate screenshot tests from Composable Previews with any screenshot testing library: JVM-based (i.e. Paparazzi, Roborazzi) as well as Instrumentation-based (i.e. Shot, Dropshots, Android-Testify, etc.)
Squishy is a lightweight library for controlling the overscroll effect of parent containers or child composables based on user input. It provides parameters to customize the behavior of overscroll effects.
Compose Theme provides you with the API to build your design system. It gives you a flexible way to define your own design tokens and properties which are easily accessible from your composables.
Android 15 Beta 3 release takes Android 15 to Platform Stability, which means that the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are now final for you to review and integrate into your apps,
Google created Android Device Streaming, powered by Firebase, for running tests on a wide variety of devices.
Google Play has some updates to policies regarding apps making use of generative AI.
Videos & Podcasts
This 90 seconds recap covers the 3 must-know updates from Google Play
Philipp Lackner teaches how to build your first Compose Multiplatform Hello World App!
In this episode, hear from Kathy Korevec from the AIDA team at Google about AI assisted developer tools, such as Android Studio -- which is using Gemini AI models provided by AIDA.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to make a clean architecture anime list app using MVVM & Jetpack Compose in this tutorial.
Learn about WebRTC, a common tool for making internet calls.
Learn about observing an Internet Connection in a KMP App
Charfaoui Younes shares three different strategies for efficiently searching for solutions online.
All the presentations from KotlinConf 2024