Issue #630

July 7th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Embed a reliable document scanner with OCR in your app, enabling your customers to capture high-quality, legible documents that you can process effortlessly. Hundreds of companies and millions of users trust the Genius Scan technology. Supports Android, iOS, and cross-platform frameworks.
Zsolt Bertalan examines error handling and how it relates to monads.
Tom Sabel explores how to manage date and time functionalities using Kotlinx DateTime in iOS, offering clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth transition.
Dave Leeds focuses on the most essential coroutine concepts you need to be productive with them in your day-to-day coding.
Kotlin Coroutines library offers an important functionality that lets us decide which thread (or pool of threads) a coroutine should be running on (starting and resuming). Marcin Moskała shows how this is done using dispatchers.
Sandeep Kella looks into the magical world of Kotlin annotations, specifically the @Keep annotation.
Stefano Natali dives deep into exploring how HTML strings support empowers developers in Jetpack Compose.
Sandeep Kella dives into one of Kotlin’s coolest features: destructuring declarations.
Alexey Bykov shares practical tips, supported by production data, on how to improve playback from different perspectives and effectively use ExoPlayer in your Android app.
Aravind Chowdary shows how security rules allow you to write policies to define who has access to what in your database using an easy-to-learn language called CEL.
Yves Kalume debunks some myths around Android development and clears the air!
Darryl Bayliss examines some map transformation functions available in Kotlin.
Piotr Jagielski describes the vision for Gradle Build Tool to deliver an elegant and extensible declarative build language that allows developers to describe any kind of software in a clear and understandable way.
John O'Reilly updates the PeopleInSpace app to demonstrate the use of Compose Multiplatform.
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Libraries & Code
Use a Google sheet as remote config
A Gradle plugin that guards against unintentional dependency changes.
Supports creating Compose ImageVector files from SVG files, with an optional optimization feature
Videos & Podcasts
Philipp Lackner shows you how to Unit & UI Test With Compose Multiplatform!
Sebastian Sellmair shows how to implementing a custom '@Todo' annotation for Junit5 in Kotlin.
Jov Mit's detailed tutorial for setting CI/CD for Android projects by using GitHub Actions.
Stevdza-San shows how to use the "fig" library along with a Google Sheet for a simple remote config setup.
Hadi Hariri and Sebastian Aigner chat with Raphael Michel, the founder of pretix, an open-source ticketing system.
Charfaoui Younes solves an interview question about Singleton with Kotlin. He provides both the solution and common tips to communicate in the interview.
Sebastian Sellmair shows how one can use 'git commit-tree' to fixup a repository, producing a new 'initial commit'
Karol Wrótniak dives into texts, plurals, dates, numbers, currencies, legal stuff and more aspects of internationalization.
Code with the Italians as they sit down with Alex Vanyo and Ian Clifton, Android Developer Relations Engineers at Google, to explore the exciting capabilities of Material3 Adaptive Layout.