Issue #66

August 20th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Generating Android apklibs with Gradle (
Googler Chris Broadfoot shows how to use the new Gradle build system for Android to create Maven .apklibs.

OpenGL ES Tutorials (
Here's a great set of eight tutorials for using OpenGL ES on Android.

Link Bild The making of Icepick: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (

Novoda Labs has released Icepick, a set of annotations and an annotation processor that simplifies the Bundle save and restore instance state. In this article, Frankie Sardo describes some of the ups & downs of creating such a library.


Android Custom Loaders (
This article is about how to create a custom loader in Android which can read data from SQLite Database and return the read data as a collection of POJOs

Life Before Loaders (part 1) (
The first of a set of four posts on Loaders by Alex Lockwood.

The emulator is dead, long live the emulator! (
Delyan Kratunov dives into the differences and similarities between the Android SDK emulators and Genymotion, a newer x86-based emulator.

Android Shutdown Sequence (
Ketan Parmar has released a very detailed blog post what happens during the Android Shutdown Sequence. Though it might just be useful for people who are rolling their own ROM it's pretty insightful what happens under the hood.

Link Bild ViewOverlay explained (

Ignasi Busquets has written a brief post about a new ViewOverlay that was introduces with Android 4.3 (API 18). The ViewOverlay is an extra layer that sits on top of a View (the "host view") which is drawn after all other content in that view (including children, if the view is a ViewGroup).


Organizing Resources (
With a growing project the resources folder can become a little messy. To avoid that Corey Scott reveals some tricks to keep things structured and in place.


Android Design Tools (
A web page compiling a wide range of tools and resources for Android design.

Libraries & Code

Android Model-View-ViewModel Library (
A light-weight framework for implementing a model,view,view-model pattern within your Android project

Create your REST service with Annotations (
Wiring a webservice to your domain models can be a tedious task. Retrofit by the incredible square dev team is a library that helps you to automate as much as possible. You just have to write an interface with annotations and Retrofit is doing the all magic. It's using OkHttp as HTTP Client and gson for serialization and deserialization.

OkHttp (
OkHttp is a httpclient that doesn't suck. It's the basis for the Retrofit library. If you plan to use it without maven/gradly/ivy be sure that you download the jar with all dependencies inside.

Simplify your Bundle save and restore state (
Icepick is an Android library that simplifies the Bundle save and restore instance state. It uses annotation processing to generate code that does bundle manipulation and key generation, removing lots of boilerplate from your code.


Link Bild 3 little tweaks (

Roman Nurik has pushed 3 little tweaks to the nine-patch generator that's part of the Android Asset Studio. Read his announcement on Google+.