Issue #69

September 19th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Optimizing Hardware Layers (

Romain Guy discusses how you can quickly ensure you are not using hardware layers in a way that negatively affects performance.

Link Bild ViewPager and Hardware acceleration (

Udi Cohen noticed some ViewPager performance issues with Hardware acceleration enabled. Here's a post about his workarounds.


RenderScript in the Android Support Library (
Tim Murray from the Android team announces the new RenderScript support library that lets you take advantage of RenderScript on plaform versions all the way back to Android 2.2

Android developer interview: Mariusz Płaskowicki (
Next in a series of interviews with Android developers, this one focuses on a one man game development shop and has some great tips.

A case for XXHDPI and UHDPI Android resources (
Radley Marx argues for the Android team to start including xxhdpi resources in the platform, and to rename the upcoming xxxhdpi to uhdpi.

ActionBarCompat – Part 2 (
Mark Allison continues his series on how to use the new ActionBarCompat library from Google. In this article he dives into how to set up themes and styles.

AndroidSerialSQL - solving some problems with SQLite in Android (
E. John Feig discusses an issue and his workaround for dealing with accessing SQLite databases from multiple threads.


Link Bild An Insider’s View of Mobile-First Design (

Luke Wroblewski writes about design issues to avoid when moving from web to mobile design.


Libraries & Code

PaymentKit-Droid (
Brendan Weinstein announces PaymentKit-Droid, a library that allows developers to create sleek payment forms like those made popular by StubHub, Stripe, Uber, and Postmates.


Android Studio 0.2.9 Released (
Google just released Android Studio 0.2.9. This release contains numerous bug fixes and improvements.