Issue #70

September 27th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Handling signing configs with Gradle (

If you use the Gradle build system to build your apps, you can configure several options to sign your packages.


Yo Zuck, Fix This! (
Sriram Ramani, a developer on the Firefox for Android team, takes a closer look at what could be optimized in the Facebook app's UI, using his DroidInspector tool.

Push, Don’t Poll – Using GCM (
Peter Elliott shares a simple, full stack example that will help highlight how to get Send-to-sync and message with payload push messages integrated with your app.


Link Bild Easy mobile mockups (

Zurb has released a fantastic set of phone and tablet wireframing templates. This set includes commonly used UI elements for Android Jelly Bean, iOS 7 and Windows 8. You'll find toolbars, navigation, form elements, icons, selectors, lists and much more! The stencils work with Omnigraffle for Mac, Keynote, or your favorite PDF program.


Protip: Setting up Photoshop for designs (
This Android design Protip by Roman Nurik and Peter Ng is about using point units in Adobe Photoshop to improve your workflow for Android graphic asset creation.

Libraries & Code

Card Library (
Card Library from Gabriele Mariotti provides an easy way to display a UI Card in your Android app.

CWAC-Camera: Taking Pictures made easy (
Taking pictures or videos using the built-in Camera class directly is not an easy task. It is full of edge and corner cases, not to mention its own set of per-device idiosyncracies. As a result, a ton of code is required to successfully show a preview, take a picture, and take a video. CWAC-Camera is an effort to standardize that "ton of code" and hide it behind a scalable API. Here, "scalable" means "simple things are simple, but complex things may be a bit complex".


Android Studio 0.2.10 Released (
Android Studio 0.2.10 with traceview, resource lookup documentation, faster gradle imports and more.

How Google Taught Itself Good Design (
Here's the story of how Matthias Duarte came to Google and in the two years since Page became CEO, Google has transformed itself from a search firm noted for middling user interfaces into the buzzworthy producer of some of the cleanest, most striking hardware and software anywhere.


Link Bild DevBytes: Folding Layout (

A DevBytes tutorial by Daniel Olshansky on how to achieve an accordion-like folding effect on a view


Maps Live: New Features in the Google Maps Mobile APIs (
Google Maps API Team members Daniel Schramm and Chris Broadfoot discuss exciting new cross platform features in the Google Maps Android API. New to the latest versions are map padding, marker rotation, and flat markers.


Link Bild What are you using for intra App communication? (

Today we're starting a little poll via Twitter: What software and frameworks you are using for intra App communication?LocalBroadcastManager? EventBus? Otto? The results will be announced next week.