Issue #72

October 12th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild New Developer Features in Google Play Games (

Google is announcing three new features in Google Play Games that make it easier to understand what players are doing in your game (Game services statistics), manage your game features more effectively (Game services alerts), and store more game data in the Google cloud (Double your Cloud Save storage).


Using the new Gradle-based Android build system: an example (
Some people recently asked Cyril Mottier to describe how AVélib/AVélov are both build from the same code base using the new Gradle-based build system.

Android for the Busy Developer (
Do you want get started with Android development but can’t seem to find the time or you are unsure where to begin? Dino Esposito, in cooperation with Tuts+ Premium, welcomes you to Android development with this free 12-lesson course.

Gradle tips (
Jake Wharton shares two convenience functions for your Gradle build scripts.

Link Bild Slides: Practical Security from the Ground Up (

Google's slide deck of the talk from last week's Quartz article on Android system security.


Android developer interview: Jörg Winterstein (
Bartek brings you another interview from the series, this time with Jörg Winterstein - a successful indie developer with an interesting story.

Using the Hardware Scaler for Performance and Efficiency (
To help you optimize performance-intensive 3D game, consider taking advantage of the hardware scaler that’s available on almost all Android devices in the market today.

Android Development Resources (
In this post Sharif Ahmed shares a list of all must have Android resources that a developer has to know. If you're new to Android development you should definitely check it out.


Link Bild Google Maps Android PSD V2 (

A year ago Cyril Mottier shared some graphic assets to help developers and designers create applications that are consistent with other map-based Android UIs. He's now updated those assets to match Google Maps v2.



Link Bild Appcelerate (November 14, 2013, San Francisco) (

is where CEOs of the hottest app businesses on the planet gather to share the secrets to their success and how they see the landscape of mobile apps today. Hear from senior executives from Pandora, Glu, HotelTonight, Poshmark, theScore, Sidecar, Google, GetGlue, Shazam and many more. Be the first to get a full agenda and keynote speaker update. Click here to reserve the 2013 conference brochure. Use discount code ‘2439AW’ to save an extra $100 from current prices.


Libraries & Code

Android Empty Layout (
Android Empty Layout is a library for showing different types of layouts when a list view is empty. These layouts can be shown when, the list is loading, the list has no item to display or an error occured trying to load items.

Progress Button (
ProgressButton is a custom progress indicator with a tiny footprint. The default implementation provides a pin progress button as seen on the Android design site. The button supports visually different states for temporarily and permanently downloaded content.


Robolectric 2.2 (
The Robolectric testing framework has been updated to v2.2 and brings several useful changes.