Issue #77

November 17th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild The State of Android Emulators (

A nice overview of the latest and greatest in Android emulators.


Android at Devoxx (
Here are all the slides for all the Android presentations that Chet Haase and Romain Guy gave at Devoxx this week.

Link Bild Storage Access Framework (

With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, users now have a smoother way of accessing and creating files over multiple locations.


Cleaner View Casting with Generics (
Kevin Coppock shares a nice technique for writing cleaner Activity code.

Getting around with Google Maps Android API v2 (
Cyril Mottier's slides about the new v2 Google Maps API.

Making That Google Plus Profile Screen (
Antoine Merle shares details about how to recreate the profile screen from the Google+ app.

Implementing #hashtags in android application (
Hashtags have become very popular in social networking websites and apps. This example will show you how to implement hashtags in your application using Linkify.

Transition Animation – Part 1 (
Mark Allison has started a new series about transition animations that come with Android 4.4

How to use icon-fonts in Android (
There is popular web-technique for creating awesome icons - generate font with custom glyphs and use single unicode character with specified typeface. This post explains how to do the same on Android.


Link Bild How To Change Users' Perception of Your App (

Juhani Lehtimäki compares and contrasts an older widely used Android app with poor ratings, and the newer redesigned version with much better ratings.



Android Developer @ SFX Entertainment and Arc90 (
SFX Entertainment and Arc90 are looking for an Android Developer to help design and build a brand new music platform. There are opportunities to be involved in other areas of the platform as well (iOS, web, design, Clojure services, data science). Location: New York & Remote-friendly. Just write an email:

Android Developer @ Busuu (
Our highly-reviewed mobile apps have already been downloaded more than 20 million times so to keep our community busy learning languages on the go, we need to hire a full-time Android Engineer to join our Mobile team, continue this success, and bring the busuu. Location: London.

Libraries & Code

ChaseWhisplyProject (
An open-source augmented reality game with Google Play Games integration.

clogcat (
Clogcat is another coloured logcat visualizer written in node.js.

AStickyHeader (
AStickyHeader is a simple library for adding Sticky Headers to ListView or GridView. The author claims that the usage is very simple and that it supports all kinds of Adapters.


Link Bild Google Channels Pixar to Change Storytelling (

Google dives into a new form of storytelling on their Moto X line of phones. Here's the story of how it was created.


Lego bugdroid kits (
Marc Young is getting ready to assemble another batch of Lego bugdroid kids. Be sure to get in your orders while you still can.


replicant - a repl for adb (
replicant is an interactive shell (a REPL) for adb, the Android Debug Bridge. replicant simplifies working with adb in a number of ways: * being a repl, you're now working with adb in interactive mode * allows fixing devices and package IDs for subsequent adb commands * auto-detection of target package by project folder inspection * command history and tab-completion via rlwrap