Issue #78

November 24th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Android Apps with Dagger (

Slides from Jake Wharton's introduction to dependency injection, the Dagger library, and how to combine the two in your Android applications.


I Can Animate and So Can You (
Slides from Daniel Lew's Droidcon 2013 talk about View animations on Android.

How To Decode ProGuard’s Code From Stack Trace (
This post is for Android developers who use ProGuard in their app and need to do some debugging with the encrypted stack trace. It’s really simple to return the file to a human-readable condition.

Transition Animations – Part 2 (
Mark Allison continues the new series on transition animations. In this article he takes a look beyond the basics and explore how we can take greater control over things using Scenes.

Link Bild Making Your ActionBar Not Boring (

Flavien Laurent writes an in-depth article on how to achieve the new Newstand app's action bar animations in code.


Setting Up Android CheckStyle in Android Studio (
Kevin Tan Hong Ann shares a quick tip on how to set up your Android Studio IDE to follow Java and Android code style rules.

Easy Testing with Android Studio (
If you’re developing in Android Studio and using the Gradle build system, this guide will help you get your Test environment using JUnit and Robolectric up and running in a few easy steps.

Expand Your Brand With Translucent System UI (
With the release of Android 4.4, Google has finally removed the bright holo blue from the system UI elements that are present while your application is running. This improvement will instantly apply to all applications, but for your next release you can now make your app stand out by using the new translucent system bars. If you're planning to do this be sure to check out Jeff Gilfelts library to tint the system bars.

Installing Google Glass in an Android Phone (
For all the people that couldn't get their hands on glass hardware Amalan Dhananjayan has posted a tutorial how to install Google Glass in your Android phone.

Set The Scene With The New Transitions Framework (
Great tutorial about the new transitions framework. Creating animations was always a pain - but it get's better. But beware of Scene.getSceneForLayout() there is bug that a scene is attached to a wrong root. Dave Smith has written more about that bug here:


Wearables DevCon, March 5-7, San Francisco (
Wearables DevCon is a groundbreaking event for designers, builders and developers of wearable computing devices and software. Leading research analysts project 400 million devices to be sold annually by 2017.

AnDevCon: May 27-30, 2014 Boston (
AnDevCon is the leading technical conference dedicated to developing and deploying applications for Android smartphones, tablets and other devices. More than 1,200 software developers and IT managers attend each event.


Link Bild World Class Expert Tips on Mobile Design (

13 extremely talented and experienced designers to share their best advice.


Designing apps for Android 4.4 KitKat (
Adam Smith has posted a great tutorial on how to design apps targeting Android 4.4.


Android Developer @ SFX Entertainment and Arc90 (
SFX Entertainment and Arc90 are looking for an Android Developer to help design and build a brand new music platform. There are opportunities to be involved in other areas of the platform as well (iOS, web, design, Clojure services, data science). Location: New York & Remote-friendly. Just write an email:

Senior Android Mobile Engineer @ Eventbrite (
We're hiring a mobile engineer to build innovative Android apps. We're building the platform & tools that are changing a massive industry & looking for talented people to join our team. Have solid experience with client-side Java & the Android SDK? Let's talk. Location: San Francisco, CA.

Android Application Developer @! (
The Job: As an Android application developer you will develop, design and maintain our android app. Our mobile apps teams listen to our customers and give them the features that they want and use. We are looking for highly skilled developers to join our mobile team in the vivid city of Amsterdam. Join our international team and help us to make the best travel app in the world. Interested? We offer a competitive salary plus bonus, with possibilities for further career opportunities within our fast growing company. This position is open to worldwide candidates and in the case of relocation we will assist you with a relocation package ensuring a smooth transition to working and living in the Netherlands. Location: Amsterdam (relo incl.)

Libraries & Code

Android Movies Demo (
This is a sample application showing off some interesting design/development interactions for Daniel Lew's talk given at Droidcon 2013.

Responsive Android (
Demo source on making Android apps responsive; part of AnDevCon session "Responsive Android."

SystemBarTint (
Apply background tinting to the Android system UI when using KitKat translucent modes. This library offers a simple way to create a background "tint" for the system bars. By default it will give you a semi-opaque black background that will be useful for full-bleed content screens where persistent system UI is still important.


Script for automating flashing of Nexus Factory images (
Ronald Ammann shares his Python script for automating flashing factory images on Nexus devices. Currently works on Linux and can probably be easily updated for other platforms.

Link Bild Glass Development Kit (

The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is an add-on to the Android SDK that lets you build Glassware that runs directly on Glass.