Issue #80

December 6th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Protip: Un-jank Your Android ListView (
Making a ListView scroll smoothly is a bit of a black art for Android developers, but here are a few simple rules.

Cross-Compiling Android Apps to HTML5 (
In this presentation, Arno Puder is an Associate Professor at the San Francisco State University, will describe a technique how certain Java-based Android applications can be cross-compiled to pure HTML5 using the two Open Source projects XMLVM and Emscripten.

Link Bild Enterprise scale live device test automation (

Russell Collins work over the last 3 years has included building a device lab, deploying a Jenkins CI system, and evangelizing its use among the various product teams


Old Webview vs. Chromium Webview (
Tim Roes benchmarks the new Chrome-based WebView in 4.4 KitKat.

Link Bild Transition Animations – Part 4 (

In this concluding article Mark Allison takes a look in to why the ChangeBounds transition has limitations, and some potential work arounds.


RxJava on Android with Scala => AWESOME (
Charles Monge takes a look at how RxJava can be used in Scala Android development.


Android Developer @ SFX Entertainment and Arc90 (
SFX Entertainment and Arc90 are looking for an Android Developer to help design and build a brand new music platform. There are opportunities to be involved in other areas of the platform as well (iOS, web, design, Clojure services, data science). Location: New York & Remote-friendly. Just write an email:

Senior Android Mobile Engineer @ Eventbrite (
We're hiring a mobile engineer to build innovative Android apps. We're building the platform & tools that are changing a massive industry & looking for talented people to join our team. Have solid experience with client-side Java & the Android SDK? Let's talk. Location: San Francisco, CA.

Libraries & Code

Android Gradle Starter Project (
Ravindra Kumar has created a sample android starter project to demonstrate the integration of the following tools: Automation: Gradle Testing: Android Testing Framework, Robotium, Roboelectric (JUnit, Instrumentation) Continuous Integration: TravisCI

Sprinkles (
Sprinkles is a boiler-plate-reduction-library for dealing with databases in android applications. Sprinkles does lets SQL do what it is good at, making complex queries. Sprinkles helps you with things such as inserting, updated and destroying models, Sprinkles will also help you with the tedious task of unpacking a cursor into a model. Sprinkles actively supports version 2.3 of android and above but it should work on older versions as well.


ADD is reloading for 2014 and also for you! (
Android Developer Days is reloading not only for 2014 but also for you in order to expand the vision of attendees. Android Developer Days is going to take place in Ankara, Turkey on May 16/17. It is again free and it is open to everyone.Call for papers is open now.


Link Bild Android WordPress Theme (

A nice, free for personal use Wordpress theme to use on your Android developer blog!


Android Studio 0.3.7 Released (
* The experimental "Direct Gradle Invocation" mode is now the default * Improved error diagnostics * Improved SDK management * Layout rendering sandbox * RTL Support Improvements * New templates for adding custom views, services, broadcast receivers, fragments, daydreams, etc * Several new Lint checks


Testing for Android (
Join AppThwack's Trent Peterson as he demystifies Android testing with a review of automation strategy and testing tools.


Link Bild Mdevcon looking for android speakers (

The yearly mdevcon conference for mobile developers is looking for android speakers on technical topics. You can submit talks until December 22nd. Selected speakers get full access to the conference; hotel and travel (to Amsterdam) will be covered too. We are also giving away a conference day ticket to Android Weekly readers! To win, promote this newsletter, mdevcon or this contest on social media. Send a link to your post to to enter the raffle!