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February 9th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Android Studio 0.4.4 Released (
What's included? Lots of bug fixes, Retina support on Macs, several new Lint checks and a bunch more.

Link Bild Be a lazy but a productive android dev - RoboGuice (

This first part of a series of blog posts by Paresh Mayani explains how to do dependency injection using the RoboJuice framework.


Nested Fragment and the BackStack - Part 2 (
Kiran Rao continues this series and looks at possible solutions to nested fragments and FragmentManager saving it's back stack.

Around Me Tutorial (
This android tutorial deals about creating an “Around me” screen for your application. “Around me” shows near places around you using your current location. There are different possibilities to retrieve the near points.

Monads: Your App as a Function, Part 2 (
Matthias Käppler continues his series, wrapping up his intro to functional programming, and showing how it applies to Java and reactive programming using RxJava.

The power of TextView (Part 1): Drawables (
Here's a look at TextView has the ability to render Drawables next to its text.

TextClock Version 2 – Part 6 (
Mark Allison continues his series, this time fixing an issue that appeared with the widget on KitKat due to internal changes in AlarmManager.

Spans, a Powerful Concept (
Here's a fantastic article by Flavien Laurent about the power and versatility of rendering text via Spans.

Google Updates Android Version Distribution Numbers (
New Android version distribution charts are out: KitKat is up slightly, Gingerbread holding strong around 20%, the rest is mostly Jelly Bean with some Ice Cream Sandwich.

Upstream Messages With Google Cloud Messaging (Part 1) (
Wolfram Rittmeyer shares a great tutorial about a relatively new feature in Google Cloud Messaging: upstream messaging and for user specific notifications.


Link Bild Develop Intel Architecture Optimized Android Games (

This post by Intel gives you a step by step tutorial on how to optimize Intel Architecture based Android Applications with the NDK. They explain all the tools of the Intel System Studio that helps you to identify CPU or GPU bound bottlenecks and how to optimize them.

Link Bild Your App, Dolby Technology (

Download the Dolby Audio API to create an impressive sound experience in your app or game. The API is easy to integrate, 100% free, and the impact is immediate. The result: Optimized audio with more natural, balanced sound. Download today!



Android Development Lead (New York, NY)
Songza's music concierge makes it easy to find the right music for the right moment. We are looking to hire a lead Android engineer to join our mobile team. Help us continue to build and grow a great product that millions of people use each month.

Freelance w/Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & Life360, Anywhere (
Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an Elite Android Developer. Apply today!

Libraries & Code

Reservoir (
Reservoir is a simple library for Android that allows you to easily serialize and persist your objects on disk using key/value pairs.

Android-UndoBar (
Android-UndoBar duplicates the undo popup as seen in the GMail app. The API is quite easy to use with a simple Builder pattern and callback.


Link Bild Chromecast now open to developers with the Google Cast SDK (

Back in July Google announced the developer preview of the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK), the underlying Chromecast technology that enables multi-screen experiences across mobile devices (phones, tablet, laptops) and large-screen displays. Now the Google Cast SDK is available for developing and publishing Google Cast-ready apps.



Link Bild How to get $2,000 on top of your app monetization revenue (

hroughout February appnext - app monetization and distribution platform offers a cascade of bonuses to all Android developers. Learn more and claim your reward.



Bringing Beautiful Interactions to Android Apps (
Will Bailey describes the tools used by both engineers and designers to ensure UI performance in Android, and launches the Rebound open source physics library.


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