Issue #93

March 16th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild How Android transitions work (

One of the biggest highlights of the Android KitKat release was the new Transitions framework which provides a very convenient API to animate UIs between different states.


Localize Your Promotional Graphics on Google Play (
To help you capitalize on the growing international audience on Google Play, it’s now even easier to market your apps to users around the world, by adding images and a video URL to your store listing for each of Google Play’s 49 languages, just as you’ve been able to add localized text.

Android AutoValue (
Port of Google AutoValue for the Android platform.

Storing A Pojo Into Shared Preferences (
A quick article on using GSON to store more complex objects in SharedPreferences.

Protip: Inflating layout for your custom view (
A short tip on merging and flattening layouts

Link Bild Advanced blurring techniques (

Here's an article that evaluates several approaches to blurring images.


GlassGif - Notes for a live coding session using the GDK (
This article is is a guide to building a GDK (Glass Developer Kit) app. The code that will be discussed here is mostly UI, building the Activity and Fragments.

WebView Explorations (
Stefano Dacchille has written a nice post explaining some subtle API differences when working with WebViews.

The Ultimate Android Camera Development Guide (
This is a 5-part article series and associated project which explore the basics of Android Studio camera development using Fragments and List Fragments.


Link Bild Connecting to Google Drive from an Android App (

This sample demonstrates how to connect to an individual’s Google Drive online storage service from an Android application.



Android Engineer @ (San Francisco)
Uber is building an Android solution from the ground up and needs your crazy good skills. Own new features from day one, experiment with brand new functionality, and contribute to the design process while reaching millions of users across the globe.

Senior Android Developer (Gent, Belgium)
In the Pocket, Belgium's most promising agency, is searching for an ambitious and highly motivated Senior Android Developer to join the team. In the Pocket helps companies embrace the new digital age of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

Android Software Craftsman (London and Berlin)
Novoda Limited have a Fantastic opportunity for Android craftsman to work with our Vibrant App Development Company based out of London and Berlin. If you are passionate about the future of Android interconnected devices we would love to hear from you.

Android Developer (Berlin, Germany)
Build native high quality applications on your favorite mobile platform in a young and small specialized company. We appreciate high quality code and knowledge of best practices as well as an eye for design and UX. At least basic German skills are required.

Android Developer @ Jimdo (Hamburg, Germany)
Jimdo is a platform that allows you to easily create your own website on desktop or on mobile, we're looking for an experienced Android dev to help us building the ultimate Android experience for our users. Do you love the Android platform so much that your skin is turning green? Then contact us!

Senior iOS / Android Developer @ (ForeSee) (Vancouver, Canada) is building a enterprise analytics solution across device platforms and is looking for an experienced mobile developer to help guide development, solve tough technical problems relating to performance and data quality, and help bring industry best practices to the development of customer-facing SDK's.

Libraries & Code

Android Gif Drawable (
Views and Drawable for animated GIFs in Android

Snippet: align a TextView around an image (
Here's a short article on using Spans to wrap text around an ImageView

Discreet App Rate (
A lightweight non intrusive app rate reminder for Android.

SpritzerTextView (
Spritz is a hot speed reading technique. SpritzerTextView displays arbitrary text in exactly that way.


Link Bild The MobileCamp opens registration (

The MobileCamp goes into it's sixth year and opens the registration. Topics of the biggest german speaking Barcamp are mobile development, wearable devices, internet of things, mobile advertisment, second screen and many more mobile topics. The event takes place in the Informatic Faculty of the Technical University of Dresden for 10th and 11th Mai.



Link Bild How to get better ratings for your Android app (

The guys from CloudMagic have written a great blog post on how to get better ratings for you Android app. They explain how to measure properly and show subtle techniques that don't annoy the user. If you like that then also take a look at the "Discrete App Rate" in the code section.