Issue #94

March 23rd, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Protip: SQLite debugging (
Whenever you're working on the (SQLite) persistence layer of your #Android app, especially when debugging a problem, it can be invaluable to see the executed SQL statements in plain text in logcat.

Google Play services 4.3 (
This new version adds some new members to the Google Play services family: Google Analytics API, Tag Manager, and the Address API. Google has also made some great enhancements to the existing APIs; everything to make sure you stay on top of the app game out there.

On the Edge of the Sandbox: External Storage Permissions (
Much has been said lately about Android's external storage in the tech press.With all the interest focused on the subject, Dave Smith explains in detail exactly how external storage permissions work, both in the past framework versions and today in KitKat.

Creating custom notification cards with the Android Wear Developer Preview (
A quick introduction to how your app's notifications appear on Android Wear devices and emulators.

Best Practices with SharedPreferences (
Here's a close look at all aspects of SharedPreferences

Concurrent Database Access (
In this article Dmytro Danylyk describes how to make access to your android database thread safe. Sample project is available here.

6 part series on blurring images (
Blurring images seems to be a hot topic. We covered a tutorial last week and if you're really into this then you have to check out Mark Allisons 6 part series on blurring images.

Single SQLite connection (
Having more than one SQL connection to a SQLite database is a bad idea. This little blog post explains how to manage just one connection for all your threads. Also checkout the articles that are linked in the comments.

Link Bild Align a TextView around an image (

A post Gabriele Mariotti on how to let a text float around an image.


Android Wear with Genymotion (
For people who do not have a phone with Android 4.3 or above here is a way how you can make it work using Genymotion.

Link Bild Getting Started Wtih the Android Wear Developer Preview (

The Android Wear Developer Preview includes tools and APIs that allow you to enhance your app notifications to provide an optimized user experience on Android wearables.



Link Bild How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play (

In this article Wendy Boswell from the Intel team has some good tipps to get your app discovered in the Google Play Store.



UI & Interaction design for Tesco’s Hudl (
Günther Beyer discusses challenges in designing Tesco's Android app.


Senior iOS / Android Developer @ (ForeSee) (Vancouver, Canada) is building a enterprise analytics solution across device platforms and is looking for an experienced mobile developer to help guide development, solve tough technical problems relating to performance and data quality, and help bring industry best practices to the development of customer-facing SDK's.

Android Software Craftsman @ Novoda (London and Berlin)
Novoda Limited have a fantastic opportunity for Android craftsman to work with our vibrant app development agency based out of London and Berlin. If you are passionate about the future of Android interconnected devices we would love to hear from you.

Sr. Android Engineer @ Etsy (Brooklyn, NY)
Etsy is seeking Senior Android Engineers to join a small, collaborative team that’s responsible for the end-to-end development of our Android apps for smartphones and tablets — supporting our long-term vision of bringing Etsy to every mobile device. This full-time position is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Android dev @ Wedding Party (Palo Alto, CA)
Wedding Party is a rapidly growing startup backed by incredible investors. We are looking for a passionate developer to join our Android team. You get to work with really smart people on a product that is changing the wedding industry and impacting millions of couples & their guests.

Android Engineer @ WunderCar (Hamburg, Germany)
WunderCar is looking for someone who has a strong experience developing user interfaces for applications on Android using Android SDK and is conscientious, responsible and passionate about mobile applications. Join the team now!

Libraries & Code

Android Crop (
This is another Android library project providing a simple image cropping Activity, based on code from AOSP.

RoboCop (
RoboCoP is a Java library that can generate a fully-functional ContentProvider from a simple JSON schema file.

Android Wheel Menu (
Simple and easy to use circular menu widget for Android.


Link Bild Sharing what’s up our sleeve: Android coming to wearables (

Google announces Android Wear, a project that extends Android to wearables. And they’re starting with the most familiar wearable—watches.



Pixl Preview (
Get an accurate look and feel of your designs the moment you're making them, and instantly get an on-device image of all your iterations, tweaks and variations. Pixl Preview uses the built-in Remote Connection feature of Photoshop. No additional desktop software is required and you'll be up and running in a few minutes. Compatible with every desktop that can run Photoshop CS5 or higher. Windows, Mac

IntelliJ Plugin for Parcelable boilerplate code generation (
This plugin generates Android Parcelable implementation based on fields in the class


Android Wear: Receiving Voice Replies (
In this video, Justin Koh discusses how your app can let users provide voice replies to notification actions with Android Wear.

Link Bild Android Wear: Developer Preview (

In this video, Justin Koh discusses how you can make your app ready for the wrist with Android Wear.



Link Bild AnDevCon Boston in May (

AnDevCon, May 27-30 in Boston, is the world's top Android apps event. Free expo. Use code ANDROID for $200 discount.