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Roman Nurik
Android Designer at Google

Certainly one of the most convenient ways to stay on top of all the #AndroidDev news coming from Google and the community every week.


Lars Vogel
Eclipse and Android Evangelist

Great Android newsletter, very well researched. Get your weekly Android update now!


Mark Allison
Mobile Innovator, Author of

Android Weekly is a great way to keep up with what's happening in the Android development community.


Smashing Magazine
Online magazine

Android Weekly: an Android newsletter and a toolbox with useful resources for Android devs/designers.


Chris Banes
Android Developer @ Google

What can be better than getting the latest #AndroidDev news delivered straight to your inbox?


Joaquim Vergès
Developer of Falcon

Finally a service I can count on to make sure I keep up with the latest great AndroidDev innovations, without the hassle of searching.

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July 23rd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How I stay productive working remotely (

David González get's to work remotely. Here's how he makes it work.

Shut the HAL Up (

Updates are essential for security, but they can be difficult and expensive for device manufacturers. Project Treble is making updates easier by separating the underlying vendor implementation from the core Android framework.

Creating multiple constructors for Data classes in Kotlin (

In this blog post by Moyinoluwa Adeyemi you'll learn how to create multiple contructors for Kotlins immutable data classes.

RxRedux (

This is an introduction to RxRedux, a library that manages state for your Activities, Fragments & views easily. Be sure to checkout out the code in the "Libraries & Code" section.

Architecture Components: ViewModel (

In this article, Mark Allison takes a look at the ViewModel from the new Architecture Components.

link image   Marinator: Delicious Dependency Injection (

Using Dagger doesn’t fully solve all problems around unit testing. That’s why this article announces the release of Marinator, a library for streamlining the use of dependency injection.

Embracing Java 8 language features (

Finally, Android Studio 3.0 brings (backported!) support for most Java 8 features. Jeroen Mols shows how those work and why you should upgrade.

Android O: Phone Number Verification With SMS Tokens (

In this tutorial, Chike Mgbemena shows how to generate an app-specific token that will fire up a pending intent when the device first receives a message containing that token so as to verify the phone number. 

I am the reason for Hungarian notation in Android (

Cédric Beust admits to introducing a form of Hungarian notation to the Android codebase.

A Massive Guide to Building a RESTful API for Your Mobile App (

Matt Tea shares this guide to outline the best practices for building out APIs, web services, and databases for mobile apps and mobile clients.

ViewModels: Persistence, onSaveInstanceState(), Restoring UI State and Loaders (

Lyla Fujiwara answers some questions about ViewModels from the Android Architecture classes, including "Are ViewModels a replacement for Loaders?"

My 360|AnDev Review 2017 (

If you haven’t gotten a chance to attend 360|AnDev yet, you need to change that. Victoria Gonda shares some of the great sessions you may have missed.

Kotlin for grumpy Java developers (

Sha Sha Chu guides you, Grumpy Java Developer, through your first lines of Kotlin.

Powerful Android ORM: greenDAO 3 Tutorial (

After all the Room ORM tutorials lately the crew from Mindorks has released a post that explains how to use the greenDAO 3 ORM. We have used this library in several projects and it's really nice - besides it handles relations very well.

RecyclerView in MVP  -  Passive view’s approach (

In this post by Andrzej Chmielewski you'll learn how the RecyclerView fits in the MVP architecture. You'll learn how to delegate all the view logic to a presenter.

Reproducible history on Android (

In this article Vasilis Charalampakis explains how you realise a state management where you can implement undo and redo in a reproducible way.



link image   Mobile App Testing on Real Devices Anytime from Anywhere (

Kobiton gives you access to real, cloud based Android devices to help you test mobile, Web and hybrid apps. From manual to automated testing, get prepaid minutes that never expire. Sign up for a FREE trial, no credit card required, to start testing.

link image   Buddybuild - a mobile-focused CI & CD that "just works" (

Buddybuild is a CI, CD and user feedback platform built specifically for iOS and Android developers. Thousands of companies, like Slack, Meetup and Mozilla trust buddybuild with their mobile development because it allows them to focus on what's important - building apps users love. Sign up today

link image   PhotoEditor SDK 4.0 for Android (

The PhotoEditor SDK 4.0 for Android was released a few weeks ago, it is 40% smaller, uses 50% less memory and is an astounding 200% faster. The new blazing fast OpenGL preview renderer boosts performance and speed to skyrocketing levels and the new event system enables you to track and analyse your user's actions. Start today and enhance your app with a fully customizable photo editor with a multitude of features and styles.



Android Developer (New York, NY)

You will leverage contemporary tools to build & improve features in our fully native Android apps, as well as help conceive & create new apps. On cross-functional teams, you will build engaging user-facing features by contributing your expertise, writing code, & making key architectural discussions.

Senior Android Engineer (Athens)

Are you a Senior Android Engineer who has excellent problem solving skills and loves technical challenges? If yes, then jump into our Beat team and build with us an amazing product with international reach!

Lead Android Developer (m/f), Freeletics GmbH (Munich, Germany)

As a Lead Android Developer you grow, lead and mentor a team of passionate developers, drive knowledge-sharing and foster a collaborative environment. You strive for clean, well-documented code and feel responsible for driving improvements to overall product quality? Apply now!


Libraries & Code

marinator (

Dependency Injection made delicious

FileListerDialog (

A simple file/ directory picker dialog for Android.

billing-android (

RxJava wrapper for Android Play Billing Library.

RxRedux (

A library that manages state using RxJava 2.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Snacks (

A new weekly podcast with the latest & greatest Android dev news.

Android Studio Is Wicked Pissah (

Mark Scheel talks about how Android Studio is Wicked Pissah (slang in Boston for meaning awesome).

Intro to Android Architecture Components (Episode 6) (

Need to understand the basic guidelines for writing Android apps and save yourself from writing a bunch of boring boilerplate code? Join these Google Developer Experts, as they take you through the new Android Architecture Components.

Building Postmates' Realtime Tracking on Android (

Torrey Atcitty and Michael Soares present an approach to obtaining user location data and sending back real-time updates at every step of the way including the challenges of supporting various scenarios where a device is not connected to a power source throughout the duration of a job.

Toothpick: A New Approach to Dependency Injection on Android (

Do you find RoboGuice simple but slow? Do you think Dagger 1 & 2 are fast but complex and bloated? Toothpick is the best of both worlds! It's is a scope tree based, runtime but reflection free implementation of JSR 330.



Chiu-Ki Chan confirmed for droidcon Berlin keynote! (

Chiu-Ki was a software engineer at Google and now runs her own mobile development company based in Colorado, US. In her keynote she will elaborate on the question of expertise and share her tips on how to build up competence.


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