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Roman Nurik
Android Designer at Google

Certainly one of the most convenient ways to stay on top of all the #AndroidDev news coming from Google and the community every week.


Lars Vogel
Eclipse and Android Evangelist

Great Android newsletter, very well researched. Get your weekly Android update now!


Mark Allison
Mobile Innovator, Author of

Android Weekly is a great way to keep up with what's happening in the Android development community.


Smashing Magazine
Online magazine

Android Weekly: an Android newsletter and a toolbox with useful resources for Android devs/designers.


Chris Banes
Android Developer @ Google

What can be better than getting the latest #AndroidDev news delivered straight to your inbox?


Joaquim Vergès
Developer of Falcon

Finally a service I can count on to make sure I keep up with the latest great AndroidDev innovations, without the hassle of searching.

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July 20th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Irregular Shapes – Part 3 (

In this article, Mark Allison looks at creating a speech bubble effect, similar to those used in some messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Creating GIF from video screen captures of your Android device (

Ever wanted to show an example of your Android app on a website but it only supports image upload. Or you want to tweet a gif of your latest app feature. Now you can!

Android Gradle App with Robolectric JUnit tests (

This tutorial will show you the skeleton of an Android application that uses the Gradle build system and runs Robolectric JUnit tests on Android classes.

Simple server-client syncing for mobile apps using Couchbase Mobile (

If you're developing a content rich application that synchronizes data from server to smartphone and needs to work offline, Couchbase Mobile might suit your needs. Here's an article to get you started.

View inflation vs visibility:"GONE": a battle fought with DDMS (

Here's an article on using DDMS to benchmark which is optimal: view inflation versus showing a view with visibility set to GONE.

link image   Porting Android Wear Developer Preview Code (

Now that the full Android Wear SDK is available, it’s time to port your existing wearable-enabled notification code from the Developer Preview.



431 Material Design Icons in Photoshop Custom Shape format (

Taylor Ling shares his custom shapes file for Photoshop.

link image   Don’t forget the good UX tools (

Here's a list of some useful design tools & plugins that you can use with Adobe products.



Venmo - Android Engineer (Multiple locations - NY, SF)

At Venmo, we build products that make payments easy. We view engineering as a craft, and want our software to be as elegant as the end user experience. We're looking for Android engineers to help make our app become the easiest way to pay anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Libraries & Code

Android Wear: Get data from Battery (

Here a little gist to get details from your battery in your wear device.

Android Wear: Heart Rate and Samsung Gear Live (

Here a little gist to get the heart rate on the Samsung Gear Live.

Painter (

This library enables you to color a view, image icons, and text in a very simple way.

VNTNumberPickerPreference (

This is an easy to use custom preference, which opens a dialog with a number picker. The value gets automatically saved and you can set the default-, min- and maxValue conveniently in the XML.

VNTFontListPreference (

This is an easy to use custom preference, which opens a dialog with a list of available fonts. The selected font gets automatically saved and you are able to set the font directory as well as the defaultValue.

OpenFlappyBird (

An open source clone of a famous flappy bird game for Android using the AndEngine library.

android_maskable_layout (

The Maskable Layout is a simple frame layout that allow you to easily mask views and viewgroups. Simple Drawables are accepted, as well as AnimationDrawables.



Usability study for Android design and development tools (

The Android UX team is conducting usability studies to explore ways in which we can improve our existing tools, as well as determine what kinds of new tools would help you the most.

link image   Learn to Think Like an Android Developer (

Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals is an online training course featuring Google Developer Advocates Reto Meier, Dan Galpin, and Katherine Kuan, working with the team at Udacity that’s advanced and technical enough for experienced developers who are new to Android — maybe even new to mobile — but not new to programming.



Install / uninstall APKs on multiple Android devices with just one command (

Here's a simple bash script for easily installing and uninstalling APKs with multiple devices connected to a computer.

Getting private app data off non-rooted devices using adb run-as and a debuggable app (

A quick script for pulling all relevant files from all attached devices when testing debuggable apps.



Meetup: Building for Android Wear & Glass (

"We have two excellent speakers lined up for the evening to teach you a few topics on Android development. Of course cold beer and great food will be provided!"


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