Issue #102

May 18th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Android’s Font Renderer (

Romain Guy shares insights on efficient text rendering with OpenGL ES.


Publishing with Gradle (
Damian Mee shares what he learned about moving from Eclipse to Android Studio with Gradle.

Play Store Compatibility Across Various Versions (
Newer versions of Android allow for much richer experiences in apps. Kirill Grouchnikov shares approaches to cross version compatibility and how it's implemented in the Play Store app.

Link Bild Integration between action bar overlays & side drawer (

Kirill Grouchnikov shows how the side navigation drawer can be compatible with a transparent ActionBar.


Chris Lacy Shares His Thoughts On Android (
Chris Lacy, the man behind Action Launcher, Tweet Lanes, and most recently, Link Bubble took some time to answer a few questions and share his experiences developing apps for Android.

Link Bild Stacking Notifications For Android Wear (

Stacking notifications with the Android Wear Developer Preview is really simple—it requires only a few lines of extra notification code.


Bluetooth LE – Part 6 (
Previously in this series Mark Allison looked at the various steps needed to begin to get temperature and humidity notifications from a TI SensorTag. In the final article in this series he’ll complete things by registering to receive notifications, and receiving them.

Top 7 Tips for RxJava on Android (
From Timo Tuominen: It was clear the reactive way was the right way and anything else would have felt but an ugly compromise. That is, in fact, the funny thing about reactive — no matter how hard it is in the beginning, it always feels it is worth it.

Using Custom Compound Views in Android (
This articles shows how to encapsulate view functionality in a custom view, which would be reusable throughout an app, and would allow to easily test the encapsulated functionality.

Working with Google Analytics API v4 for Android (
For v4 of the Google Analytics API for Android, Google has moved the implementation into Google Play Services. As part of the move the EasyTracker class has been removed, but it still possible to get a fairly simple ‘automatic’ Tracker up and running with little effort. This post will show you how.


Link Bild Sponsored Post In Android Weekly (

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Android Engineer @ Tumblr (New York)
A versed engineer with good taste and incredible product sense, ready to build great features with minimal direction.

Weebly is hiring Android Engineers! (San Francisco, CA)
Weebly runs over 2% of all websites on the Internet. Help lead the development of an Android application that our users are eager for. Work in a creative environment where you'll be able to work on a variety of projects & platforms with awesome peers. Email

Android Developer @ Phunware (Austin, TX - Newport Beach, CA - San Diego, CA)
Phunware is the 4th fastest growing software company in the U.S. per the latest Inc. 500 and we are very proud to have been named to the Forbes’ 2014 list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Create experiences for top customer brands in all categories from Sports to Entertainment.

Android Developer @ Harvest (New York, NY or remote)
Harvest is a time-tracking and invoicing platform serving tens of millions of requests per day and many thousands of customers. We are looking for an experienced engineer to help us build the next version of our Android app.

Android Mobile Developer - build Apps you'll love! (Boston, MA)
Do more than code. Raizlabs is seeking an experienced senior Android mobile developer to engineer beautiful apps and influence product direction for startups and big brands, alike. You’ll be working with enthusiastic and supportive peers in a trust-based work environment. Check out

Libraries & Code

Link Bild Android Process Button (

Custom android button which can indicate progress (e.g. for loading from an API). The owner might fix the typo in the repository name.


Android Arsenal (
Android Arsenal is link list which libraries to choose for the right job. The lists are categorized and reflect the best practices. That reminds us that we should revamp our toolbox.

AutoNotifyViewPager (
his project is an upgraded version of ViewPager. AutoNotifies your adapter when data get's changed.

PagingGridView (
PagingGridView has the ability to add more items on it like PagingListView does. Basically is a GridView with the ability to add more items on it when reaches the end of the list.

ViewPagerTransforms (
Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling on Android v13+. This library is a rewrite of the JazzyViewPager library and owes credit of the animation concepts directly to its source. The purpose of this rewrite is to provide an easier to use and extend implementation of ViewPager animations.

ParallaxHeaderViewPager (
The stream of Parallax components will not end. ParallaxHeaderViewPager does that with a huge header and a view pager.

App of the Week

Link Bild DevDrawer (

DevDrawer is a widget based app for developers who are constantly installing / uninstalling / clearing data on their projects. From the widget you can launch the app or launch the app details settings view for the app to uninstall / clear data etc.



Android Weekly on Facebook (
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