Issue #107

June 22nd, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to create simple view separators (

This short post will show you how to easily create nice looking view separators, to use between a row of buttons for example.

Primer on Threading and Handlers in Android (

This article introduces you to the concept of threads, talk about how Java uses threads and explain how “Handlers” in Android help with threading.

Dagger: Scoped object graphs (Part 3) (

Antonio Leiva's last part of three articles about Dagger and dependency injection in Android is focused on scoped object graphs.

App UI / UX – Part 5 (

In this article Mark Allison adds a simple animation to the refresh ActionBar item to provide this visual indication that a bluetooth device discovery scan is occurring.

The ART of Garbage Collection (

Mark Murphy takes a quick look at how the ART runtime may introduce a compacting garbage collector, and what that means.

Swipe, not Pull, to Refresh (

Zarah Dominguez recently came across SwipeRefreshLayout in the support library package that allows your app to have built-in support for swipe to refresh, and shows how to use it.

Android Needs A Simulator, Not An Emulator (

Jake Wharton shares his thoughts on why development could be improved with a better emulator, or instead, a simulator.

New ways to connect your app to the Cloud (

To quickly add a Google Cloud Platform backend to your Android app, you can now use a number of built-in features in Android Studio 0.6.1+.



link image   Sponsored Post In Android Weekly (

Do you want to promote your project, library or company? No problem! Reach more than 12.000 Android developers around the world with a sponsored post in Android Weekly. Contact Martin for further informations: martin(at)



link image   How I would further improve TuneIn Radio app (

Taylor Ling redesigns the TuneIn Radio app, focusing on embracing the consistency of visual design for better aesthetic integrity of a product regardless of the visual styling you opt for.



Sr. Software Engineer (Android/ 74-030414A) (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Control4 Corporation, a worldwide leader in home automation, has an immediate need for a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Android to work to produce quality consumer mobile and tablet applications, design and develop new functionality and robust foundation code to be used by multiple teams.

Android Engineer @ Pinterest (San Francisco, CA)

We’re looking for Android Engineer's to help us build one of the best Android apps on the market. You should have experience delivering great apps and get excited by writing performant code for mobile devices. This is a full-time position based in San Francisco, CA.


Libraries & Code

DesarrolloAntonio/FragmentTransactionExtended (

FragmentTransactionExtended is a library which provide us a set of custom animations between fragments.

Philm is now open source (

If you haven't seen Philm yet, it is a movie collection and information app that I created for Android. It uses the Trakt and TMDB APIs. This morning Chris Banes pushed the source of Philm to GitHub under the Apache v2.0 licence.

MoshDev/ILog (

Simple Logging Tool for Android and Java Platforms



link image   The history of Android (

A 40000 word history of Android by Ron Amodeo



Shell script for adb (

A useful shell script that wraps Android adb commands when multiple devices or emulators are connected. The script will prompt for a device or emulator to run the command against, if it detects multiple devices / emulators.

Vektah/CodeGlance · GitHub (

Intelij IDEA plugin for displaying a code mini-map similar to the one found in Sublime



link image   An Introduction to Android Wear (

Timothy Jordan gives an introduction of the current Android Wear developer preview.