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August 10th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Aspect Oriented Programming in Android (

Aspect-oriented programming entails breaking down program logic into “concerns” (cohesive areas of functionality). This article takes a close look at how this is possible on Android.

Remote code execution on Android devices (

A lengthy post by the guys at Bromium about how to exploit the addJavascriptInterface API.

Build Variations using Gradle and Resource Folders (

This blog post show you how to do build variations with gradle. The different colors example is a little bit esoteric but it shows the workflow. You can use build variations to have a development, staging and production version that targets the corresponding backends.

link image   Android Wear: Installation + Setup (

In this tutorial you'll learn how to setup your development environment for Android Wear.

Android Wear: Hello World (

The second part about Android Wear development: A simple "Hello World".

Android Face Cropper (

Android Face Cropper is a little UI helper that assists your users to create beautiful profile images.

Floating Action Buttons in Android L (

In this tutorial by Big Nerd Ranch you'll learn how to create a floating action button.

Creating a Media App for AndroidTV (

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a media app for AndroidTV.

Ripples – Part 2 (

In this second article in the series, Mark Allison looks at ways in which to control the look of a Ripple drawable.



link image   UI Patterns: On Importance of Supporting User Goals (

Juhani Lehtimaki has been using an app that completely fails to understand some very basic user goals and I wanted to use it as a negative example of what kind of problems can be caused to your design when it is feature focused instead of user goal focused.



Apply Once & Get 5-15 Android Development Offers! (San Francisco, New York, Los Angles, Seattle)

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Agricultural Industry, remote developers (Boston, Chicago, New Zealand)

We're looking for Android developers to help us get a very "real world" problem for the international agricultural industry solved once and for all. This is a rare opportunity to join a top-notch team with a proven plan at the earliest stages. (

Android @ SeatGeek (New York City, NY)

It's a fun time to be building a ticketing app. Mobile ticketing right now is where photo sharing was four years ago — awful. We're changing that. Come join the team that is revolutionizing ticketing and event discovery and have fun doing it.


Libraries & Code

FillingEffect (

Nice progress indicator effect.

link image   MPAndroidChart (

A charting library for Android. It contains the following chart types: LineChart, BarChart2D, BarChart3D, PieChart and ScatterChart. All the types come in different flavours.

WilliamChart (

Another charting library. It contains a LineChartView and a BarChartView. It doesn't look as feature complete as MPAndroidChart so maybe you developers join forces.

QMBForm (

Create simple Android forms. QMBForm is inspired by the iOS counterpart XMLForm.

AndroidGradleSignPlugin (

Gradle plugin to prompt for Android release keystore passwords.

fb Android Dagger (

A set of helper classes for using Square's Dagger with Android components such as Applications, Activities, Fragments, BroadcastReceivers, and Services.

A Gson TypeAdapterFactory (

A Gson TypeAdapterFactory which allows serialization of @AutoValue types. Apache 2 licensed.

Amphitheatre (

Amphitheatre is an Android TV app that connects with network shares, organizes and serves videos to any Android capable media player app.



ADT Plugin for Eclipse 23.0.3 and Android Studio 0.8.6 Released (

Google just released ADT 23.0.3 and Android Studio 0.8.6, which contains a small number of critical bug fixes.



link image   App for visualizing material design color palette (

Neat little app from Guillaume Imbert that displays all the different #materialdesign colors from the Google design spec



link image   Submit Android Development Conferences (

The newest feature of our website rebuild is our conference list! You can now submit the link to an upcoming Android Development Conference or Event to our link list in the footer of our website. We'll check the entry and add the Conference to our conference list It's totally free!