Issue #129

November 23rd, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to build rock solid apps & keep 100m+ users happy (

In this set of slides from a Devoxx presentation, Iordanis Giannakakis presents how the Shazam team made the release schedule faster, more predictable and with more features by using BDD and automation testing.

Styling Views on Android (Without Going Crazy) (

Styles are hard to get right on Android. There's a lot of potential for frustration. The hierarchy easily devolves into spaghetti code. How often have you wanted to change a style but feared you might break something unintentionally by doing so?

Avoiding Robolectric Shock While Testing Android with Gradle and Espresso (

Jason Donmoyer describes the process his team went through moving projects, Espresso and Robolectric tests from Maven to Gradle.

Material – Part 4 (

In this article Mark Allison looks at replacing the ListView implementation with RecyclerView. This allows for some more material goodness which would be difficult to achieve with ListView.

The Conference Speaker Investment (

This post by Jake Wharton is not about Android development in particular but about how you should prepare if you do a conference talk.



link image   Sponsor Android Weekly and reach 17.500 developers (

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link image   How to Not Freak Out About Material Design (

Max Weiner, Android Lead at Pocket, writes about how adopting any new design language can quickly feel overwhelming, especially when that language is Material Design, with its paper and ink inspiration, bold colors, and whirling animations.

Iterate 78: Google designers talk Material Design (

Iterate brings together the best designers and app producers in the business to talk UI, UX and more from concept to implementation. On this podcast — Richard Fulcher, Nicholas Jitkoff, designers at Google, talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about the origins, development, and implementation of Material Design on Android and the web.



Android Developer (m/w) @ M-Way (Stuttgart / Germany)

M-Way Solutions is a provider of Mobile Enterprise Software and Services. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic and creative Android developers in Stuttgart / Germany. In a young and dynamic team you work self-directed and responsible. Planning, management and development of Android applications are one of your main tasks.

Sr. Software Engineer @ Etsy (Brooklyn, NY)

Join our growing, collaborative team that’s responsible for the end-to-end development of our Android apps for smartphones and tablets — supporting our long-term vision of bringing Etsy to every mobile device. This full-time position is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Android Developer @ Trello (New York or Remote)

Trello is looking for brilliant developers to help us make our Android app even more awesome. Trello for Android is fully native, minSdkVersion is 15, and we are an Editors' Choice. If you're a RxJava addict with experience making highly interactive applications, come join us!

Android Developer (Zürich, Switzerland)

Centralway is looking for experienced Android Developers to join our team in Zurich, as part of Numbrs. Come and help us to revolutionise the banking industry. If you thrive in intense, rapidly-changing environments and are fascinated by technology then we look forward to hearing from you.

Android Engineer @ Foursquare (New York City or San Francisco)

Foursquare is looking for experienced Android engineers to help architect, build and manage both of our mobile applications, Foursquare and Swarm. You'll be part of a fast-paced team driving ongoing product iteration and working in the competitive space of consumer-facing location-based services.


Libraries & Code

DBFlow (

A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you.

Droidicon (

Based on IconicDroid, droidicon provides over 1600 customizable icons, 25 ready-made social badges and more! droidicon makes it super easy to add icons and badges to your app.

Introducing Android Network Intents (

Sebastian Kaspari's new library allows you to send Intents to listening clients on the local network (WiFi) without knowing who these clients are. Sender and receiver do not need to connect to each other. Therefore the library can be used to write custom discovery protocols.

Snackbar (

Library that implements Snackbars from Google's Material Design documentation.



link image   Google Fit Developer Challenge (

Big challenge from Google to develop a new or improve an existing app with the Fit APIs.

Begin developing with Android Auto (

Google announces the availability of their first APIs for building Auto-enabled apps for audio and messaging. Android apps can now be extended to the car in a way that is optimized for the driving experience.



link image   Android Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released (

The Android Tools team has just released Android Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 1 to the canary channel. Yes, that means they're getting close to a 1.0 release! In this release there are a number of bug fixes and a bundled Maven repo for Gradle.

Battery-historian (

Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files.

The upcoming Jack & Jill compilers in Android (

In the shadow of the release of Android 5.0 "Lollipop", the Android tools are seeing updates as well. In short: Jack and Jill form a new compiler toolchain to transform java code into dalvik bytecode. They introduce a new intermediate representation called Jayce.



Android Development With Gradle (

This presentation shows Android developers how the new Gradle build system works, and show experienced Gradle developers how to build Android projects. The talk examines the Android plugin for Gradle and how it can be used to build and test Android projects.



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link image   Android Conferences List (

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