Issue #134

January 4th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

Happy New Year! (

Thank you for being such a great community. We wish you all the best for 2015!

link image   Upgrade your app’s design from Holo to Material Design  (

The author basically wanted to keep the main aesthetics of his Holo app, but upgrade it to Material Design in a meaningful way. This is a short documentation of how he managed to do this.

Android Studio, Gradle and Robolectric (

An article on how to create a Gradle project that successfully builds and runs Robolectric tests in Android Studio.

RecyclerView: Autofit grid (

Chiu-Ki Chan shares how to set up RecyclerView to auto fit the number of columns similar to GridView.

Android & Jacoco (

An article on enabling Jacoco code coverage in your Android project.

Introducing SuperSLiM (

Tonic Artos finally got around to rewriting StickyGridHeaders for RecyclerView. However, this rewrite completely changed everything, so he started a new open source project called SuperSLiM.

Android Performance Patterns is coming soon (

Google developer Colt McAnlis will be sharing some new information on getting the best performance from your Android apps.

OkHttp 2.2 has Interceptors (

Interceptors are a new feature of OkHttp 2.2. There isn't much mechanism: two interfaces and four methods, but leads to very powerful possibilities.

Tools of the trade — Part 1 (

Get the most out of the tools namespace and be a design-time XML Jedi

VectorDrawables – Part 1 (

Mark Allison starts a series of articles on the new VectorDrawable introduced in Lollipop

Battery Optimization for Android Apps (

Slides from a presentation on optimizing power usage.

Robust and readable architecture for an Android App, part 2 (

Joe Zapata turned his architecture from the first part of the article into an open source library, and describes the updates he made.

Implementing an Event Bus with RxJava (

This post has three parts: A quick primer on what an event bus is, implementing the event bus with RxJava, and parting thoughts on this approach



Software Engineer, Android @ Etsy (Brooklyn)

Etsy is set on redefining what mobile, person-to-person commerce means for the entire world. We’re a mobile first company that is focused on scaling Android and iOS app development throughout our whole organization. 2015 is going to be a huge year for apps at Etsy. Want to be a part of it?

Android Developer (Columbus, Ohio)

We are a rapidly growing Columbus based technology firm working with high profile clients in the field healthcare. We are looking for an Android Developer to join our existing mobile team and work in cutting edge development. This is a full time position with full benefits and vacation.

Senior Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

RideCell (YC W12) is looking for an Android engineer to help us make transportation systems as scalable as computing.


Libraries & Code

link image   MrVector (

An Android 7+ backport of VectorDrawable. Basic, simple vector drawables are working now. Please lend your support to help complete some of the roadmap.

Singleton (

An implementation of the Singleton pattern, with the added bonus of disk persistence.

Soas (

Native Android "sample of all samples" for beginners and experienced, 14+, with focus on lollipop and Material. Your help is needed to add a few more examples to the project.



link image   Google Tracker 2015 (

Here is Ars Technica's look at what Google is expected to be working on in 2015.



Hear Inspiring & Practical Case Studies from the Top Brands (

Developers and designers will share their successes and lessons learned that you can apply to your own projects at our Mobile+Web Dev Con in San Francisco. Check out the agenda to see which top brands are presenting and all Android Weekly readers can save 10% with the discount code TDWEEKLY10.

Wearables TechCon, March 9-11 in Santa Clara (

Wearables TechCon expands beyond its DevCon roots to include a focus on both the hardware and software behind the coming generation of wearable technology. TechCon tracks focus on embedded computing, hardware design, sensors, and physical technology, while DevCon portion will focus on programming apps and mastering the SDKs of the next wave of computing devices. Use code WEARIT for a $200 conference discount off the 3-day pass.