Issue #200

April 10th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

Thank you! (

Well, this is Issue #200! And we want to say Thank You! Without you, we wouldn't have existed so long. Android Weekly is about four and a half years old and we're close to 40000 email subscribers! We love your awesome feedback and support via Twitter, Facebook and G+. Thank you so much for being such a great community! <3

link image   Java 8 in Android N Preview (

Android team recently released Android N Preview with many new improvements including Java 8 support by the Jack compiler. In this blog post Sergii Zhuk checks what it actually means for Android developers and how to try new language features.

Rxlint: an Android lint rule for RxJava code (

rxlint is currently a single lint rule that detects a subscription without a handler for onError(). Adding rxlint to your project is easy.

Share the settings with the whole team (

Sebastiano Poggi shares a more automated way to share Android Studio settings among team members.

link image   A beginners guide to an effective Android testing strategy (

Testing quite often is one of the most neglected aspect in many Software projects, and in Android this has been particularly a common issue since the beginning of the platform. David Guerrero shares a good approach for writing test coverage.

Why Is ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream So Slow? (

The NimbleDroid team has picked up on a few tricks that help prevent monolithic lags in Android apps, boosting fluidity and response time.

Effortless network response logging on Android (

If you’ve ever developed an Android app, chances are that your app has loaded some data from a remote server. What options do you have to inspect network responses when using Retrofit? Simon Percic shares a nice technique.

RxJava - the production line (

Mateusz Budzar tries a different approach to explain what RxJava is and how to use it.

A Deeper Look at AutoValue (

In his last article, Ryan Harter gave a basic introduction to AutoValue, the code generating annotation processor that makes immutable value types in Java easy. Now he takes a bit of a deeper look at AutoValue and how it works.

Keddit — Part 7: Higher-Order functions & Lambdas (

Part 7 of the series provides an example of Higher-Order functions and passing a lambda expression as parameter in the Kotlin language.

To ∞ (~65K) and beyond! (

These slide focus on analyzing the 65536 method limit from a pragmatic and down-to-earth perspective for developers. You will get to understand the problem and its possible solutions, each one of them presented with pros and cons.

Droidcon Italy recap (

A conference about our favorite Green little robots? In sunny Italy? Jeroan Mols shares a recap of what he learned at DroidconIT

Optimize Battery Life with Android's GCM Network Manager (

If every app updates their contents all the time it would be a huge problem since turning radio on and off would drain the battery a lot. In this post by the BigNerdRanch guys you'll learn how to optimize the battery life by batching tasks using the GcmTaskService.



link image   Hassle-free Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps (

Android developers, it's time to boost your productivity! Greenhouse is a cloud-based continuous integration service that builds, tests and distributes your apps for every commit without any complicated configuration or setup. We help you build higher quality apps that are delivered to end-users faster.

link image   Hired - The Marketplace for Android Developer Jobs (

Android developers are in demand, so shouldn't companies apply to you? On Hired, that's exactly how it works. Get 5+ job offers from companies like Uber, Stripe, and Facebook with 1 application. Join Hired today and get a 1k bonus when you get a job!

link image   PhotoEditor SDK for Android (

The Imgly PhotoEditor SDK provides a solution for developers seeking to add powerful, full-featured photo editing to their Android apps. The super sleek image editing UI and high performance, GPU accelerated processing guarantee an editing experience your users will love.



Software Engineer, Android (Zürich)

Centralway’s vision is to create the world’s leading mobile banking platform. Therefore, we are looking for highly skilled Android Engineers, who are interested in changing the future of mobile banking with us.

Android Developer (Seattle, WA)

MetaBrite is using data analysis to change how food is used worldwide. We are offering an opportunity to work with a group of brilliant technologists and successful business executives who are passionate about impacting the lives of real people on a global scale.

Android Applications QA Engineer - Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Changing the world is all in a day's work at Apple. If you love innovation, here's your chance to make a career of it. You'll work hard. But the job comes with more than a few perks. Apple has a world-class reputation for product quality and we need your help to keep those high standards in our Android Applications.

Applications SW Engineer - Android - Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Changing the world is all in a day's work at Apple. If you love innovation, here's your chance to make a career of it. You'll work hard. But the job comes with more than a few perks. Imagine what you could do at Apple, where great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly.

Mobile Developer (Mountain View, CA - remote possible)

Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. See the impact you can make at and come help build apps to deliver free high-quality learning content using the latest Android technologies (RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, etc)

Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses all across the world. We’re looking for Android developers of all levels who love creating delightful user experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on.


Libraries & Code

link image   Rxlint (

rxlint is (currently) a single lint check that checks if a rxjava subscriber is handling the onError() callback.

Strictmode-notifier (

An Android library that enhances the StrictMode reporting, including heads-up notification of violations, custom actions that called when violations occur, and a violation history viewer.



link image   Android Studio 2.0 (

Android Studio 2.0 has been released. The underlying IDE is based on IntelliJ 15 so many great updates here. Lot's of improvements with instant run and a faster Android Emulator. Cloud Test Lab Integration can be used directly from Android Studio. Grab it while it's hot.



Dryrun (

Try any android library hosted online directly from the command line


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Spring Cleaning Tech Talks (

Recently, John Rodriguez, Lisa Neigut, Jake Wharton, and Lisa Wray gave lightning talks and participated in a panel discussion at Squares “Android Spring Cleaning” event.

Droidcon SF 2016 (

Here's the playlist for the full set of recorded videos from Droidcon SF

Effective Java for Android Developers – Item #9 (

In this mini Fragment, Kaushik Gopal introduces Joshua’s ninth Item: Always override hashCode when you override equals.

Designing Offline Application Case Studies (

This is a follow up talk to Yigit Boyar's Android Application Architecture IO'15 Session. After a quick review, he goes over a list of case studies and see how they can be implemented for better user experience and performance.



1st round of speakers for #droidconDE announced (

As droidcon Berlin 2016 is getting closer, the conference program is starting to shape. Find the first round of accepted sessions of the Call for Papers here. As announced earlier this year droidcon Berlin also has two amazing keynote speakers: Joanna Smith and Corey L. Latislaw!