Issue #225

October 2nd, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Quick Settings Tiles (

New in Android 7.0 (API 24), any app can now create a quick settings tile for quick access to critical pieces of functionality available above the notification tray.

Android Development Best Practices (

In this post Amit Shekhar share his best practices for Android development. Nothing in there which is mind blowing - but a great list nonetheless.

Recap Of Google Launchpad Build Lagos : All About Firebase (

Chike Mgbemena shares a recap of the Google Launchpad event in Lagos.

Android Shared-Element Transitions for all (

Shared element transitions are fairly easy to implement in Lollipop+ but, if you target older Android versions, it can be kind of scary. Well, it turns out, is not that complicated and this article will show you how.

Writing Better Adapters (

Implementing adapters is one of the most frequent tasks for an Android developer. Doing this all the time can make us blind to what we are writing, even to ugly code. It’s time to take a close look into adapters.

link image   Android Wear: Accessing the Data Layer API (

In this post by Manuel Vicente Vivo walks you through the caveats when syncing your mobile with your wear device using the Data Layer API.

Espresso Tests For TextSwitcher (

This post describes the source of a problem with using Espresso for TextSwitcher and the solution.

Animating Android Activities and Views with Slide Animations (

Kyle Banks demonstrates how to add some basic left and right sliding animations to your Views and Activities on Android.

Guide to ORM using ActiveAndroid: Part 1 (

ActiveAndroid has made database management a breeze (as long as you stay on top of schema updates) and Robert Scott Carson shares some of what he has learned in this tutorial series.

A Comparison of Android Crash Reporting Tools (

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular tools to detect application crashes and help developers fix these bugs.

Google Play Services: Google Cast v3 and Media (

In this tutorial, Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz shows how to create a basic Cast-enabled application for Android using the Cast SDK v3, which was announced during the 2016 Google I/O conference.

ExoPlayer 2.x - It’s here (plus FAQs)! (

Here's Google's first release of ExoPlayer 2.x. This is a major iteration of the library. It includes significant API and architectural changes, as well as many new features.

How We Rethought our Complete Package Structure for Buffer on Android (

Joe Birch describes how he and his team rethought the entire package structure of the Buffer Android app, and shares what their process looked like and all that they learned.

Become a Firebase Taskmaster! (Part 3) (

Part three of this blog series about the Play services Task API for Android gets into some advanced usage of Tasks.



link image   Don't Get Frustrated - Get Hired (

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link image   Photo Editor SDK (

Enhance your app with a photo editor with plenty of features and styles. The SDK is fully customizable - within minutes.

Reach more than 47500 Android Developers (

Place a sponsored post in Android Weekly and reach your audience directly with your product or service for Android developers.



Square - Android Engineer, Register (San Francisco, CA)

Android development is difficult! But at Square we're building libraries and breaking rules that make beautiful UIs easy and breathtaking UIs possible. We're building the next generation of our Android applications. We approach mobile development with precision and engineering rigor, investing heavily in test automation and tools to improve quality and delight customers.


Libraries & Code

groupie (

Groupie helps you display and manage complex RecyclerView layouts. It lets you treat your content as logical groups and handles change notifications for you

android-junit5 (

A Gradle plugin that allows for the execution of JUnit 5 unit tests in Android environments.

epoxy (

Epoxy is an Android library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView. It abstracts the boilerplate of view holders, item types, item ids, span counts, and more, in order to simplify building screens with multiple view types. Additionally, Epoxy adds support for saving view state and automatic diffing of item changes.



link image   ConstraintLayout alpha 9 is now available (

Google announces the release of ConstraintLayout alpha 9. It contains the final feature set for 1.0, and is the final step before releasing the first beta candidate release



Android Icon Animator (

Roman Nurik has started work on a web tool for animating icons. It's still beta, so please try it out and give some feedback.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Effective Android Architecture (

his 360AnDev talk covers experiences with Coursera’s Android app, build up on issues with MVC and go on to illustrate how to start with MVC and get to a solution that fits the apps needs.

Data Binding with GDE Lisa Wray (

In this episode the Fragmented team talks with Lisa Wray, mother of the Genius Android app and sorceress of Data Binding.

Android Developers Backstage 55: Glide (

In this episode, Chet and Romain talk with Sam Judd from the Google Photos team about Glide, an image loading and caching library, and its use in the Photos app.



The Open Mobile Summit 2016, San Francisco (

The Open Mobile Summit is back for an 8th year. It's the largest, and most senior annual event for digital product executives in North America. It attracts over 500+ C-Level executives from the most influential consumer facing brands, mobile-first companies and app-idols.