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November 20th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How Kotlin became our primary language for Android (

A couple of months ago a team decided to try something new: develop a commercial application entirely in Kotlin, a new programming language by JetBrains.

Android MVVM Lifecycle App Structure with Retrofit 2 (

In this article, you'll see RxJava 2 in a real example within a MVVM structure using Retrofit and learn how you can improve the performance in your app with Network Requests responding to the View’s lifecycle.

Tech Talks — You Do Have Something To Say! (

Florina Muntenescu encourages everyone to share their knowledge.

Da Real Fragmentation - Sensors (

In this article, Pablo Guardiola describes briefly how to use sensors in Android, analyzes how they behave under battery optimization modes and explains some tricks in order to solve fragmentation issues.

link image   Simple unit tests for Android (

An introduction to writing simple unit tests for your Android app.

Reductor - Redux for Android. Part 2 (

Part 1 covered what Reductor is and how to use it to model state transitions as pure functions. This part continues by showing how to compose them.

Android process death — and the (big) implications for your app (

Daniel Novak warns developers about properly dealing with process death in your app.

400% faster layouts with Anko (

Simon Vergauwen demonstrates how code based Anko layouts in Kotlin are much faster than XML.

Background Work with Android Job and Dagger (

To help abstract away the various ways you're using to perform background work, the good folks at Evernote have open-sourced Android Job. Annyce Davis takes a closer look at the library with several examples.

VectorDrawable PNG (

Recently Mark Allison encountered another issue with some puzzling rendering of a VectorDrawable, and in this post he takes a look at some potential gotchas.



link image   FlowUp: mobile performance monitoring platform (

Introducing FlowUp, mobile real-time applications performance monitoring solution! FlowUp helps you to radically improve your applications performance with actionable insight into key metrics including frames per second, bandwidth, memory consumption, CPU consumption, disk usage and much more.

link image   The World's Uncertain, Your Job Shouldn't Be - Try Hired (

Welcome to the 21st century, where companies apply to you. No more pushy recruiters, no more dead end applications and mismatched companies. Try Hired

link image   Place A Sponsored Post (

You want to advertise your service or product which helps Android developers in their daily business? Place a sponsored post in Android Weekly and reach more than 48500 Android developers around the world!



link image   Depth Library by Daniel Zeller (

An app to demonstrate Depth Library functionality, for designers and developers.



Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Dania Beach, FL and Mountain View, CA)

Magic Leap is an eclectic group of visionaries, wizards, and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing, and user experience. We are growing quickly and looking for various talented Software Engineers to work in our Application and Application Framework teams.

Place A Job Posting In Android Weekly (


Libraries & Code

Crescento (

Android library that adds a curve at the below of image views and relative layouts

LongPressPopup (

A library that let you implement a behaviour similar to the Instagram's long press to show details, with the option to put every kind of views inside it.

RMSwitch (

A simple and customizable two or three states Switch View

Depth-LIB-Android (

This library adds depth/thickness to views.



ConstraintLayout beta 4 is now available (

Google published ConstraintLayout beta 4. This release fixes a few bugs related to guideline positioning and use of include tag, plus some additional performance improvement.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Kotlin Night in London Recordings | Kotlin Blog (

Kotlin Night in London took place October 12th, 2016.The video recordings are now available here for your viewing pleasure.

Firebase Database for SQL Developers (

Join David East from the Firebase team in a eight part series on The Firebase Database for SQL Developers

Learning Rx by example (

Surprisingly, the easiest way to grasp the concepts of Reactive programming (via RxJava) is by examples. So in this talk, Kaushik Gopal looks at just 3 examples to help explain.

Mockito - What Makes a Good Unit Test (

This lesson describes the various characteristics of a good unit test.

Pro RecyclerView (

In this 360AnDev talk, Yigit Boyar discusses the overall architecture of the RecyclerView: how it works, what are the priorities, and how you can get the most of it.

Android Dialogs: Mike Nakhimovich (

Mike Nakhimovich tells us about Dagger 2 scopes, plus a few new improvements he learned attending a tech talk from the contributors: @Reusable and static @Provides