Issue #237

December 25th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

Thank You for an awesome year! (

This is the last issue for 2016, so we just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your support, feedback and for being such an awesome community :) Happy holidays!

link image   Building interfaces with ConstraintLayout (

This article highlights recent additions to ConstraintLayout in Android Studio 2.3 (Beta): chains and ratios, as well as gives some general ConstraintLayout tips and tricks.

Electronic Candle using Android Things (

Dave Smith created an electroinic candle using ObjectAnimator and Android Things.

ExoPlayer 2.1 - What’s new (

ExoPlayer 2.1 is the first major update to ExoPlayer 2. In addition to a whole raft of bug fixes, ExoPlayer 2.1 adds significant pieces of new functionality. Some of the highlights are outlined here.

Living (Android) without Kotlin (

Can't use Kotlin for your Android app? Here are some tips and tricks for bringing similar capabilities to Java.

Christmas Voice – Part 1 (

Once again it’s Christmas at Styling Android towers, and it's time for a fun app for the holidays. It is a voice changer which allows you sound like either Santa Clause or, if you prefer, an Elf.

link image   How does Firebase initialize on Android? (

This article describes how the Firebase SDK initializes itself without requiring a Context.

Seductive Code (

When a programming language, API, or design pattern is seductive its cosmetic beauty hides its structural limitations.

Testing Android Things – Unit & Vendor tests (

This tutorial will show you how you can architect your Android Things applications to make testing much easier.

Engineering the Architecture Behind Uber’s New Rider App (

The Uber engineering team came up with cross-platforms patterns when re-engineering their ride app.

Rebuilding the Buffer Android Composer (

Joe Birch takes you on a journey through his learnings of going from legacy code to clean architecture with the Buffer app.

Papercut (

Papercut is a library that provides an annotation you can use in your codebase to mark items that should be removed or refactored.

Concurrency Primitives in Kotlin (

A quick look at how Java concurrency constructs map to Kotlin.



Senior Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

At eero, we work to make a simple and effective product that improves people’s lives. As an Android engineer at eero, you will play a lead role in creating new features, improving our build process, and directly impacting on one of our most sacred company values - the user experience.

Senior Software Engineer, Mobile (San Francisco)

The Uber mobile team is looking for talented developers who are passionate about accelerating a worldwide transportation revolution. We're just getting started with our millions of users and hundreds of markets, and exciting challenges loom ahead.


Libraries & Code

link image   KataScreenshotAndroid (

Screenshot Kata for Android Developers. The main goal is to practice UI Testing.

Papercut (

Keep your codebase simple: Annotate parts of your code that shouldn't make it to production, Automatically fail your build, Remember to remove code you don't need

Squint (

Provide Diagonal cut on a view with awesome customization.

Colorful (

Colorful is a dynamic theme library allowing you to change your apps' color schemes easily

scytale (

An API that wraps default JCA api and AndroidKeyStore API and makes it easy to create, manage and use your keys on any Android API.



link image   Introducing the ExifInterface Support Library (

With the release of the 25.1.0 Support Library, there's a new entry in the family: the ExifInterface Support Library.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Efficient Android Layouts (

A well-written, efficient layout can increase performance and simplify maintenance. Daniel Lew goes over how to write the best layouts for your application.

Cross platform development with Joseph Hill (

In this Fragmented episode, Donn talks with Xamarin cofounder on how one can use Xamarin for Android development.

Building interfaces with ConstraintLayout in Android Studio (

The new Layout Editor in Android Studio 2.2 has some surprises, including a new blueprint mode, revamped properties inspector and support for ConstraintLayout, a new way to define layouts for your apps.

Android Developers Backstage 60: Huyen Tue Dao (

In this episode, Chet goes Tor-less and speaks with Huyen Tue Dao, an Android developer at Trello, about conferences, learning new things in Android, and Constraint Layout.

Let’s talk Immutability, Value Types and AutoValue (

In this episode, the Fragmented team talks to immutability champ Ryan Harter.

RxJava Operators - subscribeOn (

Mike Nakhimovich dives into concurrency with RxJava using Schedulers and the SubscribeOn Operator.