Issue #264

July 2nd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Kotlin's hidden costs - Benchmarks (

A series of blog posts called Exploring Kotlin’s hidden costs , demonstrated how certain Kotlin constructs have a hidden cost. Here Renato Athaydes wrote some benchmarks to reveal the actual cost.

Why use Facebook’s Android Device Year Class Library? (

Do you sometimes want to disable animations on older devices? With Facebook’s Android Device Year Class Library you can. But always remember with great power, comes great responsibility. So use it in the best way.

AnimatedStateListDrawable (

In this article, Mark Allison takes a look at how we can implement our own animated drawable transitions. It’s a lot easier than you might think!

Set up a CI for modern Android apps with CircleCI (

This is the second part of a two-parts series. Here Sebastiano Poggi gets into the nitty-gritty of how to configure CircleCI to get the most out of it.

Beginning Android Development Part One: Installing Android Studio (

Interested in getting started with Android development? Eunice Obugyei shows the very first steps you'll need to take.

link image   LocationServices (

Things have become a whole lot easier with the LocationServices APIs, and in this article Mark Allison looks at the new APIs to see how to use them, but also check out the performance impact we can expect.

RxJava — The first 3 patterns (

Andrew Kelly covers the first 3 patterns you’ll need when building an Android app and choosing to use RxJava as part of your architecture, specifically around making network requests to an API.

Architecture Components (

In this blog post, Hannes Dorfmann shares his thoughts about ViewModel and some pitfalls you might stumble upon when using ViewModel and LiveData by taking a look at the official Google samples.

Lessons learned while converting to Kotlin with Android Studio (

This is Benjamin Baxter's story about how he converted an Android app to Kotlin.

The little secret of android:animateLayoutChanges (

In this post Benjamin Monjoie explains the secret about how to make animateLayoutChanges work via enableTransitionType.

Using bound and started service to wrap MediaPlayer in Android (

In this post by Nazmul Idris you'll learn how to create a MediaPlayer that is wrapped in a Service so that it can run in the background and not be tied to Activity or Fragment lifecycle.



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link image   Material Design, Learning the Rules and Breaking Them (

While apps differ in the problems meant to solve, and the solutions necessary to solve these problems, Dana Fridman suggests some ways to apply Material Design guidelines.



Find new Android development employees (

Place a job posting in Android Weekly and sent your job offer to more than 57000 Android developers around the world!


Libraries & Code

Material-Calendar-View (

Material-Calendar-View is a simple and customizable calendar widget for Android based on Material Design. The widget has two funcionalities: a date picker to select dates and a classic calendar.

Alligator (

Alligator is a modern Android navigation library that will help to organize your navigation code in clean and testable way.

composer (

Composer is a modern reactive Android Instrumentation Test Runner and a replacement for square/spoon.



link image   Android Things Console Preview (

Google is launching a preview of the Android Things Console.

Android Studio 3.0 Canary 5 is now available (

Google released Android Studio 3.0 Canary 5 to the Canary and Dev Channels. This release includes a few improvements and fixes a variety of bugs.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What Kotlin Does to Your Java (

Kotlin does a lot for us in the way of reducing boilerplate. But what is it really doing? Victoria Gonda will be inspecting some decompiled Kotlin to discover how it does its job.

Understanding Dagger 2 on Android (

Valentin Hinov gave a talk at the Edinburgh Mobile Dev Meetup on June 20th 2017 about how Dagger 2 Dependency Injection works on Android.

Android Developers Backstage 72: Architecture Components 1 - Lifecycle (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Yigit Boyar and Sergei Vasilinetc about the new Architecture Components project. In particular, we talk about the Lifecycle part of Architecture Components.



Call For Papers for droidcon NYC 2017 (

Call for Papers for droidcon NYC 2017 is open! Every year droidcon NYC draws top Android speakers and sets a benchmark on content quality. Submit your talk now, CFP ends 11:59PM EST on Sunday, July 9th. Confirmed speakers get a free ticket ;)

ESA Space App Camp (

Mobile apps with big data from space: Be a contestant at the free ESA Space App Camp 2017 in Frascati with your mobile app idea using Earth observation data. Meet like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data und gain insight into ESA's work.