Issue #269

August 6th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

Quick Intro Into Actions on Google (

Wolfram Rittmeyer shares a quick intro to all you'll need to start creating Actions on Google (for Home & Assistant).

Error handling in RxJava (

Once you start writing RxJava code you realize that some things can be done in different ways and sometimes it’s hard to identify best practices right away. Error handling is one of these things.

Take control of your backend with Firebase Cloud Functions (

In this post, Luis G. Valle explains how you can use Firebase Cloud Functions to clean up and transform those non-mobile-friendly API responses before they reach your app.

link image   Introduction to Physics-based animations in Android (

The new physics-based animation library from Google was released recently. Richa Khanna explains what they are and how to use them.

Bringing smooth animation transitions to Android (

David Ganster wrote the AdditiveAnimation Android library and it drastically improved the feel of his apps without any significant code changes — simultaneously making all animation-related code shorter, more performant and easier to read.

Bodymovin to Android (

Bodymovin (an AfterEffect’s plugin) version 4.10 brings direct support for exporting AE compositions as Android AnimatedVectorDrawables. Nick Butcher shows how useful this is!

Android CardView 101: Everything you should know (

An intro to CardView control for creating apps that follow Material guidelines.

link image   Stop testing on emulators - Access Real Devices (

Kobiton is a mobile device cloud that lets you test mobile, Web and hybrid apps on real Android devices. Test your way with manual and automation testing. Automatically generated activity logs help you track your progress. Supports Appium 1.6.4. Try it for free - no commitment required.

Mockito 2 and Kotlin, BFF! (

So you’ve made headway with migrating your Android codebase to Kotlin and you’re about to start migrating your unit tests. Moyinoluwa Adeyemi shows you how to get past some of the hurdles.

RxJava cheat sheet for Java and Android applications (

Here's a nice overview of everything that you often need to look up when writing RxJava code.

Why Not RxLifecycle? (

You may or may not know Dan Lew as the author of RxLifecycle. Here’s why he's started pulling back from using his creation.

Introduction to Android Architecture Components (

Tin Megali's introduces the new Android Application Architecture Components and shows how Google managed to create it without compromising the openness of the system that we all know and love.

The Trouble With ClickableSpan (

Mark Allison digs deeper into one type of Span which can be problematic: ClickableSpan. The problem isn’t so much with ClickableSpan itself, but the need to use ClickableSpan in the first place.



Show your Android Development Job Offer (

Spread your Android development job offer to more than 57000 Android developers around the world. Post a job in Android Weekly now.


Libraries & Code

link image   android_additive_animations (

Additive animations for Android! An easy way to additively animate a huge number of properties.

RxJava2Debug (

A library to make StackTraces involving RxJava2 more meaningful (they will always point to your code!).

Slate Kit (

Open-Source Mobile Back-end and Server Framework in Kotlin.



link image   Announcing Nearby Connections 2.0 (

Google announced a new version of Nearby Connections for fully offline, high bandwidth peer to peer device communications.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Platform Independent Architecture (

Dan Leonardis presents on platform independent architecture using Rx. Design an architecture once for Android and iOS, then implement twice.

Android Dialogs: Web Sockets (

While in town for Chicago Roboto, Huyen sits down with Chris Guzman, Developer Advocate at Nexmo, for an info and action-packed chat about the awesomeness of WebSockets

Android Developers Backstage 74: Graphics (

In this episode, Chet and Tor Romain talk with Mathias Agopian, who has worked on (or been the entirety of) the Android graphics team since before Android 1.0

The Context Podcast 13 - Eric Kick (

In this episode Artur and Hannes chatted with Eric Kuck about Conductor, a framework created by Eric as alternative to Fragments.

Android Talks at MCE 2017 (

Here are all the videos of presentations from MCE 2017.

Learning Path: Kotlin in Depth (

Kotlin’s blown up in popularity over the last year, and here's a series of videos to introduce you to it. From building a sample app to learning how it interacts with the JVM, these talks will bring you into the future of Android development.