Issue #279

October 15th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Package-by-Feature in Modularised Android Projects (

Joe Birch shows how modularised projects help to create a clear separation of concerns that allow for a clear focus and for you to carry out smaller implementation tasks at a time.

Exploring the .class side of Kotlin — Part 2 (

Boris Farber built a great tool for understanding & keeping an eye on what goes into .class files. How now presents how it can be used when writing Kotlin code as well.

Android Things – Temperature Sensor, I2C on the Rainbow Hat (

This post explains how to use the I2C protocol to get input into your Android Things application.

Building Offline-First App using MVVM, RxJava, Room and Job Queue (

Here's a working example of an offline app using MVVM, Google’s new Lifecycle Architecture Components, Android Priority Job Queue library, Room, RxJava2, Dagger Android 2.11, Retrofit, ButterKnife.

link image   Exploring Dialogflow: Understanding Agent Interaction (

In this article Joe Birch quickly runs through each of the concepts in Dialogflow to help provide some foundational understanding for the platform.

Setup Firebase on Android with multiple environments (

It’s pretty straightforward to install Firebase when you have only one environment. But what if you have multiple environments, such as dev, staging and production? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Improve your tests with Kotlin in Android — Pt.2 (

Fábio Carballo goes through a simple example with the help of the Kotlin magic, as well as the essential mockito-kotlin, a Kotlin wrapper around Mockito.

Playing APK Golf (

In golf, the smallest score wins. Let’s apply that principle to Android. We’re going to play APK golf, and create the smallest possible app that can be installed on a device running Oreo.

Keeping the Daggers Sharp (

Dagger 2 is a great dependency injection library, but its sharp edges can be tricky to handle. Let’s go over a few best practices that Square follows to keep mobile engineers from hurting themselves!

The missing RxJava 2 guide: Supercharge your Android development (

Here is a deep dive by Aritra Roy on the core concepts of RxJava, with the help of several real-world examples, and easy-to-understand code samples that will help the fundamentals stick in your memory.

Modular Architecture for faster Build Time (

This article tries to touch some ideas which helped Hazem Saleh to improve a sophisticated and complex project's build time.

Diving deep into Kotlin Coroutines (

Kotlin introduced a stable (yet still experimental) feature that promises to get rid of the complexity of writing asynchronous code. Adrian Bukros guides you through basic examples of using coroutines, and examines what happens under the hood.

Reactive Mythology: Interrupt Patterns (

Shashank Tomar uses playful mythology to teach reactive patterns using Kotlin.



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Place a job posting on Android Weekly (

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Libraries & Code

link image   literallytoast (

The missing toast library for Android. Making toast great again.

chips-input-layout (

A highly customizable Android ViewGroup for displaying Chips (specified in the Material Design Guide).



link image   Get the Android Studio Preview (

Android Studio 3.0 RC1 is now available.

Introducing Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1 (

Google announced availability of the Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1 with some highly-requested features such as improved NDK support, configuration APKs for binary size reduction, and a new API to maintain user's context when they transition from an instant app to the installed app.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Designing for the Next Billion and Material Design (

Huyen and Raveesh Bhalla, Google Expert for UX/Design and design consultant, talk about Material Design and Raveesh's research into "Designing for the Next Billion" and how to best design and build experiences to people who are adopting the internet for the first time.

Android Studio, Kotlin and more with Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson (

Laurence meets with Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson to geek out over Android Studio, the Kotlin addition, and some of the fun background stories about how the Kotlin reveal happened at Google IO 2017!