Issue #280

October 22nd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Smooth your migration to Kotlin (

In this article, Fernando Cejas will bring up insights (and opinions) on how to introduce Kotlin into your existing Android Java codebase. All this material comes from his experiences and real facts.

Thoughts on Clean Architecture (

Mihaly Nagy introduces you to some of the concepts and practices that will help you achieve a clean architecture, from an Android developer’s perspective.

Why we are not cross-platform developers (

Releasing your app for each and every platform sounds expensive— surely there must be a solution that cuts the cost of developing multiple apps, right?

Engineering NullAway (

Uber’s Open Source tool for detecting NullPointerExceptions on Android.

link image   Free Mobile App Testing on Real Devices with Kobiton (

Kobiton is a mobile device cloud that lets you test your mobile app on real Android devices. Manual, automation and DevOps testing. Video recordings and automatically generated activity logs help you track progress and resolve issues faster. Sign up for a free trial to start testing!

Testing Concurrency in RxJava (

Nick Cruz implements concurrent streams every now and then using RxJava. Here he dives into an example and tests whether or not it’s actually running concurrently.

How Kotlin’s “@Deprecated” Relieves Pain of Colossal Refactoring? (

Kotlin's @Deprecated is far more powerful than Java's. Let Oleksii Fedorov show you why.

Removing Logic from Your Views with BindingAdapters (

One of the things that’s great about MVVM is the lack of the boilerplate that you have to deal with. Donn Felker shares some examples.

link image   Testing your Room DAO classes (

Joe Birch talks about how we can write tests for our DAO classes when we’re using Room for our Database layer in our application.

Odd things to look out for when converting code to Kotlin (

Here are a few interesting tidbits and errors that Gabor Varadi found while converting a larger existing codebase to Kotlin.

Testing Android Apps with Pseudolocalization (

Learn how to avoid UX issues, like truncated texts or undersized content space, in applications. Karol Wrótniak shows how to use pseudolocalization.

Getting rid of boilerplate with Kotlin Android Extensions (

Andras Kindler shows how to reduce boilerplate code using Kotlin Android Extensions.

Open-sourcing RacerD: Fast static race detection at scale (

Introducing RacerD, Facebook's new open source race detector searches for data races in Java programs, and it does this by employs symbolic reasoning to cover many paths through an app, quickly.

Getting rid of boilerplate with Kotlin Android Extensions (

In this article Andreas Kindler walks you through the magic of leveraging the Kotlin Android Extensions to clean up verbose and unnecessary code.

Kotlin, you’ve broken my heart! (

Nice journey by Krzychu Kosobudzki about using platform dependent code. Interesting Kotlin caveat.



Place A Sponsored Post (

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Android Developer (London, United Kingdom)

Badoo, the world's biggest dating app, is seeking Android Developers to join our highly experienced team, owning delivery of features to delight our 360 million global users! (

Lead Android Developer (m/f) (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

The COBI Software Team is looking for a hands-on Lead Android Developer (or a Senior Android Developer who wants to grow into a Lead role) who is hungry to take on responsibility at our rapidly growing start-up.

Android Developer (Düsseldorf)

Join troido, one of the oldest Android software houses in Europe and the people behind droidcon Amsterdam and droidcon Zagreb. We work only 4 days a week and use the Friday for learning new things. Our projects are awesome and involve some cool technologies like block chain, big data, IoT and more.

Mobile Engineer (distributed)

We want people to be able to blog and manage their site or shop wherever they are on their iOS and Android devices, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones such as media and notifications.


Libraries & Code

link image   Ribble (

Simple Dribbble Client using Dribbble API, fully written in Kotlin. Lots of goodies in there since it uses a lot of great libraries like Dagger 2, RxJava 2, RxAndroid 2, Room for ORM and many more.

ok-gradle (

IntelliJ/Android Studio Plugin for searching artifacts ids of popular Java libraries.

actions-on-google-kotlin (

This is an unofficial port of the official Node.js Actions on Google SDK to Kotlin. This can also be used from Java and any JVM language.



link image   Kotlin 1.2 Beta2 is out (

JetBrains announces the second Beta release for Kotlin 1.2.

Android Studio 3.0 RC 2 now available (

Android Studio 3.0 RC 2 is now available in the Canary, Dev, and Beta channels

Android Emulator 26.2.0 canary with Quick Boot (

This is the first release to include the new Quick Boot feature, which makes the Android Emulator start up much faster based on a snapshot of your previous AVD instance.

Android Architecture Components (

All major artifacts (except Paging) are now 1.0.0-rc1.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   droidcon Berlin 2017 (

A playlist of all the sessions from droidcon Berlin 2017.

The Remote Dev - Huyen Tue Dao (

In this second episode of the new podcast The Remote Dev, Joe Birch & David González chat with Huyen Tue Dao from Trello.