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November 5th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Moving from Dagger to Koin  (

In this post Arnaud Giuliani explains how to migrate from Dagger to the Kotlin based dependency injection framework Koin. No proxy/CGLib, no code generation, no introspection. Just functional Kotlin and DSL magic.

Exploring Firebase Predictions (

Joe Birch describes the new Firebase Predictions which allow you to predict the behavior of users in your app and use it to improve retention in your applications.

Architecture Components pitfalls — Part 1 (

Christophe Beyls focuses on important pitfalls that are mostly undocumented and rarely discussed and may cause issues in your applications if you miss them.

link image   Playing with elevation in Android (

Sebastiano Poggi shows that there's so much more beyond elevation that you can do to tweak the shadows your UI elements cast.

Grox: The Art of the State (

In this blogpost Alin Turcu introduces the latest Groupon Open Source Library: Grox. Grox helps you maintain the state of any application. The concepts of Grox can be compared to JavaScript frameworks like Redux or Flux. It's unidirectional dataflow and it encourages immutable data structures.

Canvas : The Real Play Ground! (

In this post Saurabh Pant will explain how to directly draw on a views canvas.

RadialGradient – Layers (

In previous articles, RadialGradiant rendering was done using a software layer rather than a hardware layer. In this short series, Mark Allison takes a look at what the differences are.

link image   Free Mobile App Testing on Real Devices with Kobiton (

Kobiton is a mobile device cloud that lets you test your mobile app on real Android devices. Manual, automation and DevOps testing. Video recordings and automatically generated activity logs help you track progress and resolve issues faster. Sign up for a free trial to start testing!

Using the ADS1015 analog to digital converter driver library (

This post explains how to use the ADS1015 Analog to Digital converter with Android Things.

Adopting Kotlin (

Nate Ebel describes why and how the Udacity mobile team has adopted Kotlin into everyday development.

Android Architecture Components: Room — Relationships (

Paulina Szklarska introduces you to creating relationships in a database with Room.

Clean App with Kotlin & Architecture Components - Part 2 (

This is Marek Langiewicz's second blog post about using Kotlin Coroutines and Android Architecture Components in one simple weather app.

Improving performance with background data prefetching (

The Instagram team recently decided to focus on effective background prefetching as a way to break the dependency of Instagram usability from network availability and a user’s data plan.

My take from Droidcon London 2017 (

A very good recap by Michele Marchetti of the Droidcon 2017.

Practical Data Structures Guide for Android developers (

Nice post by Shikher Verma where he explains some common data structures - applies also for non Android developers.

How “Effective Java” may have influenced the design of Kotlin  -  Part 3 (

In this third post by Lukas Lechner he'll walk through some nice features of Kotlin and explain their origins.



Place a sponsored post and reach more than 60k Android devs (

With Android Weekly you can reach more than 60k Android devs direct in their inbox. Show your product that helps them build greater apps with a sponsored post.



Mobile Developer, Android (Mid-Senior) (London, UK)

UrbanThings have a unique opportunity to shape our transport and mobile ticketing apps, powering millions of journeys. You'll help build out bleeding-edge features such as beacon and NFC-based travel (see using new code patterns and modern constructs, including Kotlin and Rx.

Mobile Engineer (distributed)

We want people to be able to blog and manage their site or shop wherever they are on their iOS and Android devices, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones such as media and notifications.


Libraries & Code

link image   Rings (

A simple chart for Android with 3 indicators and one more to indicate overall.

ads1015 (

AndroidThings Analog to Digital Converter Driver which supports ADS1015 peripherals using the I2C protocol.

kotlinconf-app (

This is the official KotlinConf App! All pieces of the application are implemented in Kotlin: Backend, frontend, and mobile apps.

grox (

Grox helps to maintain the state of Java / Android apps.



link image   Official Kotlin Guides (

This site contains Kotlin Style and Java Interop Guides for Android.

Update on Kotlin for Android (

Google's update on the latest state of Kotlin support on Android.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   droidcon NYC 2017 (

Videos of all the presentations and keynotes from droidcon NYC 2017

Kotlin visibility modifiers, internal modifier, modules (

In this episode, Kaushik walks through the concept of visibility modifiers.

droidcon London 2017 (

Videos of all the presentations from droidcon London 2017.