Issue #285

November 26th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Shrinking APKs, growing installs (

In this article, Sam Tolomei discusses the significance of APK size and analyze results in UX studies conducted by Google over the past 2 years.

Multi-currency support in Java | Drivy Engineering (

Here's a quick tip on how to universally handle converting of currency values to a displayable string.

The Contract of the Model-View-Intent Architecture (

Benoît Quenaudon's high-level overview of the MVI architecture pattern.

Function references in Kotlin: use functions as lambdas everywhere (

Function references are another of those great improvements that we get with Kotlin, which are kind of exotic when we come from Java.

link image   Onboard your users with Lottie of Spritz (

In order to maximise code reuse and deliver high quality onboarding animations, Novoda developed Spritz, an Android library that lets you effortlessly attach a ViewPager to a LottieAnimationView

Room  Migration (

This is the last post in the series of Architecture Components articles. This time Paulina Szklarska writes about migration of a Room database.

Simple but painful steps for writing a better code (

Here are a couple ideas about how to improve your app's implementation.

The Art of Android DevOps – Undabot (

Here's a look at what professional Continous Integration (CI) and Continous Deployment (CD) can look like for Android apps.

9 RxJava 2 Migration Learnings At Runtastic (

The Runtastic team recently migrated their codebase from RxJava v1 to v2. Here are the changes they encountered.

Kotlin: Contexts & SharedPreferences (

Mark Allison provides an elegant solution to reading & writing SharedPreferences in Kotlin.

Clean-Code App with Kotlin and Architecture Components — Part 3 (

This is the third blog post about using Kotlin Coroutines and Android Architecture Components in one simple weather app.

Kotlin From The Trenches (

In this post Elena Gorbacheva talks about the benefits (and downsides) from switching from Java to Kotlin.



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Libraries & Code

link image   spritz (

Spritz is an Android library to seamlessly trigger a Lottie animation when the user drags a ViewPager or changes page programmatically. It supports animating while swiping and auto-playing when the swipe is complete.

Droid-Snippet (

Live Coding Template for Android Studio, also available in the JetBrains Plugins Repository.

koin (

KOIN - a smart Kotlin dependency injection framework



link image   Google Play Referrer API (

To help you obtain more accurate and reliable data about your installs, Google has introduced the Google Play Install Referrer API, a reliable way to securely retrieve install referral content.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Superpowers of Kotlin delegation (

Delegation is one of the most inconspicuous Kotlin features. In this presentation, Marcin Moskala dives into possibilities that Kotlin delegation gives.

Improving Retention for Android Apps (

Sean McQuillan covers Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, Autofill Framework, and Auto Backup for Android developers.