Issue #288

December 17th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to develop image gallery app in Android using Kotlin (

Hammad Tariq develops a complete Android Photo Gallery application in Kotlin, with full source code available. It covers numerous topics on using Kotlin for Android development.

The Power of Gradle Kotlin DSL (

Simon Wirtz started migrating most of his Groovy-based scripts to Kotlin-backed scripts using the Kotlin DSL. Here's how he did it.

How to host a conference within your team (

Christian Dehning was quite busy and couldn't attend conferences this year, so he organized a mini-conference at work. The result was pretty awesome; here's how he did it.

link image   Android Training by Big Nerd Ranch - few seats remain (

Students receive training from instructors who are also authors and developers. Gain new skills, meet other developers and even get help with a specific project. Android Weekly readers get a $100 discount by using code “BNR_AndWkly_100off” before Jan 1 - Some registration closes end of this month!

Using Architecture Components with Firebase (part 1) (

In this blog series, Doug Stevenson explores how Android Architecture Components can work together with the Firebase Realtime Database SDK to help architect your app.

Task Stack (

In this article, Mark Allison looks at task stack navigation behaviors, and also some strategies that we can adopt to control it, and how we can tailor it to be more natural.

link image   Out-of-the-box CI/CD - Just the way you want it! (

Instant setup. No repetitive tasks, update issues or build server maintenance. Get started with just a few clicks and see why companies like Toyota & Sainsbury’s trust Nevercode - A tool every Android developer should have on his Christmas wish list.

MVP & Lifecycles & Dispatchers Oh My! (

Mike Nakhimovich helped build a single Activity architecture backed by MVP with lifecycle-aware presenters and a reactive dispatcher of state changes, completely in Kotlin.

Listeners with several functions in Kotlin (

Antonio Leiva shows how to simplify the interaction with listeners that have several functions on Kotlin.

Architecture for Multiplatform native development in Kotlin (

Marcin Moskala shows how you could build for Android, web & desktop, all written in Kotlin and using common architectures.

Testing RxJava code made easy (

Niklas Baudy demonstrates a nice hidden treasure in RxJava 2 that was also backported to RxJava 1. It’s the test() function that allows you to easily test RxJava 2 streams.



Place a job post and reach more than 60k Android devs (


Libraries & Code

link image   daggraph (

Dagger dependency graph generator for Android Developers (

A simple way to encrypt your secure data into a native .so library.

Barista (

Barista makes developing UI test faster, easier and more predictable. Built on top of Espresso, it provides a simple an discoverable API, removing most of the boilerplate and verbosity of common Espresso tasks. You

artist (

Artist is a Gradle plugin that codegens a base set of Android Views.

TimeLineView (

A simple Timeline View that demonstrates the power of ConstraintLayout and RecyclerView. No drawing, just plug in and play.

Kotshi (

An annotations processor that generates Moshi adapters from Kotlin data classes.



link image   ARCore Developer Preview 2 (

Google released an update to the ARCore Developer Preview with several technical improvements to the SDK.



Banner Ads Dos and Don’ts (

This article elaborates on some good practices that publishers should follow when working with banner ads, as well as some common mistakes that should be avoided.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Keyframe Animations with ConstraintLayout & ConstraintSet (

Sean McQuillan covers building complex animations using ConstraintLayout and ConstraintSet.

The Reactive Workflow Pattern with Ray Ryan (

In this episode, Kaushik & Donn sit down and talk to Ray Ryan from Square about the Reactive Workflow pattern.