Issue #294

January 28th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Tool Time – Part 2 (

There are some neat helpers built into the tools: namespace which can help speed up our layout development. Mark Allison continues his series looking on how to use these features.

Safe, concise text parsing with regex destructuring in Kotlin (

In Preston Garno's experience, when using Java's regular expressions, protecting against null values and bad input is nearly impossible to do concisely. Using Kotlin he found a neat trick to accomplish this: destructured regular expressions.

Experimenting with Nested Scrolling (

Alex Lockwood shares some of the tricks he discovered for nesting scrolling controls for achieving interesting UIs.

How to make Bottom Sheet in Android (

Gurleen Sethi shows a couple ways to create a bottom sheet on Android.

link image   Improve your game retention (

Discover insights into mobile gamer engagement and learn how to analyze your game’s retention data. Follow us on Medium for more tips and best practices to succeed on Google Play

BuddyBuild and CI/CD services (

In this episode of Fragmented, the Fragmented team talks about CI, CD and CD services.

Automate your app screenshots (

Lara Martín shows how you can automate the process of taking screenshots using the screengrab tool from fastlane.

Functional Java: Collectors (

Kelvin Ma introduces how to use Collectors from Java Streams package.

Notifications in Android 8.1 (

Dan Lew shares some tips on posting Android notifications, without spamming the user, across Android 8.1, 8.0 and 7.x.

Use the Android APK Analyzer to reduce your APK size! (

Rebecca Franks realized that there are many developers who don’t know about a great tool in Android Studio — the Android APK Analyzer. This post shows how to look into your app and see what the biggest culprit of eating data in your app is

Getting Started with Cloud Firestore on Android (

Eric Decanini sees Cloud Firestore as an almost definite replacement to the FIrebase Realtime Database. He describes what it is and what makes it so great for his needs.

Android Strings XML Tips & Tricks (

This article by Karol Wrótniak shows a few tricks which can help you when developing string resources for Android applications.

Generate XML with Kotlin Extension functions and Lambdas (

In this post, Mohammed Audhil explains a nice shortcut to expressively generating XML files.



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Libraries & Code

link image   Paper (

Paper is a fast NoSQL-like storage for Java/Kotlin objects on Android with automatic schema migration support.



link image   The State of Kotlin (

Take the State of #Kotlin survey! Help Zan Markan discover how devs around the world are using Kotlin, how they are learning it & help spread adoption!

Announcing TensorFlow 1.5 (

TensorFlow 1.5 is now public, with a developer preview of Tensor Flow Lite 1.5 (for Mobile)

Google I/O 2018 (

Go behind the scenes with the I/O 2018 team.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Architecture Components: Behind the scenes (

Yigit Boyar - Londroid 2017 @Telegraph Engineering

It's a Kotlin, Kotlin, Kotlin World (

This talk by Jake Wharton takes a look at where the language is headed and see if it can deliver on a promise of cross-platform use.

Android Developers Backstage: It's gr8! (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Jeffrey van Gogh from the Tools team. Jeffrey works on R8 and D8.

Asynchronous Programming with Kotlin (

The Telegraph Engineering Kotlin Meetup 2017- Asynchronous Programming with Kotlin by Hadi Hariri

Android Dialogs: Dagger Singleton (

Pierre-Yves Ricau wrote in a blog post that singletons should be extremely rare. But how do we inject mock objects into tests without singletons? Chiu-Ki brought her open source project to discuss with him.



link image   Droidcon Boston [20% discount] - March 26-27th (

Droidcon Boston is back in town, don't miss the opportunity to join the vibrant Boston's Android community March 26-27th and get 20+ talks, 4 workshops and great networking. Register before February 23rd using this link to get a 20% discount and the official beanie of the conference.