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February 18th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Dagger 2 Generated Code (

Bedanta Bikash Borah takes a deep dive into Dagger’s generated code to understand what Dagger does internally to generate your dependency graph.

Android Studio and Git Branches (

Łukasz Kopociński has a few tips for keeping your list of branches clean.

link image   Learn about Adaptive Icons: The Frontier screencasts (

Take advantage of this new Android O feature. Free screencasts also available to sample. Visit The Frontier by Big Nerd Ranch to sign up today!

Merge features for apps with confidence (

Christian Dehning lists some quick checks you can do manually, on a real device and without any extra setup and tooling in roughly 10 minutes to release your app with confidence.

link image   Interested in converting free app users into subscribers? (

Discover insights using behavioural economics to better communicate to free users the value of upgrading to paid app subscriptions on Google Play.

RecyclerView Animations – Changing Items (

We can get some nice transition animations for very little effort. We can also get some neat transitions when we actually change data items, as well. Mark Allison shows us how.

easylauncher-gradle-plugin (

Modify the launcher icon of each of your app-variants using simple gradle rules. Add ribbons of any color, overlay your own images, change the colors of the icon, etc.

Kotlin: Using (Test) Robots to make Espresso (

Simon Joecks helped design a Kotlin DSL that allows writing UI tests in a tester- friendly and behavioral way. This article describes a test strategy, benefits, limitations and implementation details of a Kotlin Espresso DSL.

Kotlin goes iOS (

Tobias Heine investigates how we can add an iOS client to a Kotlin multi-platform setup using Kotlin/Native and how easy that is.

Speed up your Build with Gradle Remote Build Cache (

Marc Prengemann shares how to optimize and speed up your Gradle builds.

How to Hire Outsourced Developers in Four Steps (

This post by Donn Felker is tailored to help you learn how to hire outsourced developers.

Kotlin Sealed Classes — enums with swag (

Joao Alves looks at Kotlin Sealed classes and how they can take enums to a completely different level and add some swag.

Discover tools for Android data migration and improve your app retention (

People want apps to work straight out of the box, just like on their old phones. Here are a couple tips to make your app's install more frictionless during a phone upgrade.

Why are the Firebase APIs asynchronous? (

You may have noticed with the Firebase SDKs that all of the API calls that deal with reading and writing data are fully asynchronous. Doug Stevenson explains why.

Feeding ProGuard’s inputs (

When ProGuard runs on your Android app, it’s not only using the rules that you’ve explicitly added but rules from a couple of other sources as well.  Here are four sources to watch out for.

Things I wish I knew when I started building Android SDK/Libraries (

If you're considering open sourcing a library, definitely read this article by Nishant Srivastava for several great tips to get it published and used by happy developers.

Computing at the Edge of IoT (

Dave Smith examines how hardware choice and use case requirements factor into different IoT system architectures.

Dagger 2 for Dummies in Kotlin (with 20 lines of code) (

Here's a very simple step-by-step introduction to using Dagger 2 and Kotlin in Android Activities.

Kotlin + buildSrc for Better Gradle Dependency Management (

Sam Edwards shares a technique for simple Gradle dependency management in multi-module Android projects using Kotlin.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 62k Android devs (



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Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses. We’re looking for senior Android engineers to support our Android developer community and drive long-term technical initiatives.


Libraries & Code

link image   ColorPickerPreference (

A library that let you implement ColorPicker, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference.

RxBasicsKata (

A set of simple code challenges to learn RxJava using JUnit tests as an acceptance criteria. Focused on some basic concepts and doesn't cover any Android topics yet.



link image   Google I/O 2018 (

Apply to purchase a ticket from 2/22, 10AM PST to 2/27, 5PM PST.