Issue #301

March 18th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   A Guided Tour inside a clean architecture code base (

Recently, Yossi Segev released an open-source sample project called MovieNight and decided to describe the different components at play and the relationships between them as well as talk about some of the architecture decisions I’ve made along the way.

What is “concurrent” access to mutable state? (

Everyone has a clear picture of what a mutable state is, but there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of what concurrent and synchronized mean in this context. Roman Elizarov digs a little deeper to explain.

Android P Slices: the missing documentation — Part 1 (

Android P introduced the Slices API, but with only sparse Javadocs and no indication of what they could be used for. After some digging and with a lot of speculation, Sebastiano Poggi presents you with the missing documentation for Slices!

link image   A guide to the Google Play Console (

Whether you’re in a business or technical role, in a team of 1 or 100, the Play Console can help you with more than publishing. Take a tour of each feature in the Play Console, and discover useful resources to help you and your teammates take advantage of the right features for your business needs.

Modules, modules everywhere (

Ivan Morgillo writes about modularization and how he managed to split the code base to improve separation of concerns and build speed.

Tensor & Flow: Part 1 - TF & ML on Android (

Tensor & Flow is a two part series where we will explore the specifics of what is needed to do to deploy a machine learning model to an Android app.

Profilo: Understanding app performance in the wild (

Facebook mobile developers have announced Profilo, a high-throughput, mobile-first performance tracing library.

Smarter ToDos With Kotlin (

Kotlin already has TODOs but it’s a tad bit aggressive. Here's Kaushik Gopal's slightly less aggressive approach to them.

A Better Way to Launch Activities on Android (

Zak Taccardi proposes a (Kotlin) solution to argument serialization, argument deserialization while maintaining type safety, maintainability, and testing.

Understanding Dagger 2 Multibindings + ViewModel (

Alex Facciorusso explains how to use the fabulous Dagger 2 multibindings with new Architecture Components’ ViewModel class.

Simple Dependency Injection in Kotlin without frameworks (Part 2) (

Here's a deeper look at what gives typeclasses its name and how they are interfaces that define pure behavior without state. They are convenient and ubiquitous as configuration parameters, which makes them a perfect candidate to be passed around along large call chains.

These 6 features shows your Android Team has it together (

Nick Skelton shares 6 quick litmus tests to sort the apps polished by a well-oiled machine from those wobbling on a rusty lathe.

Realm Kotlin and LiveData with MVP Architecture (

Egbai Smile Mmumene writes about how he used Realm and found a way to integrate it with LiveData and ViewModel and still fit it into an MVP architecture.

Kripton Persistence Library — An introduction (

An open source library to simplify persistence on Android platform on SQLite, Shared-Preferences, file system (and REST client)



Place a sponsored post & reach over 63k Android devs (



Android Developer (Stockholm, Sweden)

Write clean and maintainable code. You’ll work with modern and innovative Android architectures such as MVP and MVVM (MVC is so last year!) Don't be afraid of heights – we’re on the 29th floor with a 360 view of Stockholm.

Udacity Content Developer - Mobile (Android) (Mountain View or SF, CA)

Udacity is looking for a Content Developer -- a unique and dynamic job that is equal parts developer and educator -- to join our Android Curriculum team, and build Kotlin and Java apps and learning experiences for students worldwide.

Senior Android Dev - Android Excellence App (Paris, or Remote with European timezone)

Fabulous won a design award by Google, was nominated as Best App in the Google Play Awards, and is an Android Excellence App. Do you want to help people build healthy habits into their lives? Join us!

Senior Android Developer (m/f) (Mannheim, Germany)

Hi there, Stocard is looking for whole-hearted Android developer. Join our team and help us build Europe's leading mobile wallet with over 20 Mio. users! Stocard has been listed as one of the best apps of the year by Apple and is one of the few Android Excellence apps selected by the Google team.


Libraries & Code

link image   ModalBottomSheetDialogFragment (

Modal bottom sheet dialog based on the Material Guidelines.

profilo (

A library for performance traces from production

json-2-kotlin (

Convert JSON to Kotlin Data Classes


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Developers Backstage (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Felipe Leme from the Android Framework team about Autofill, a framework which provides assistance with completing forms such as passwords and credit card numbers.



link image   Droidcon Boston [20% discount] - March 26-27th (

Droidcon Boston is back in town, don't miss the opportunity to join the vibrant Boston's Android community March 26-27th and get 20+ talks, 4 workshops, and great networking. Register today using this link to get a 20% discount!