Issue #302

March 25th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

Exploring Android P: Fingerprint Dialog (

In this article, Joe Birch takes a look at the new FingerPrint Dialog that Android P provides for us.

Repository Pattern with Store and Retrofit (

The Repository pattern gives software developers a mediation layer between the domain of the application and the raw data fetched from the data source. Roberto Orgiu shows how to implement it.

link image   Learn Android the Kotlin Way (

There are many books and courses about learning Android development, but most of them are Java-oriented. Until now, that is! has launched an avalanche of new tutorials, books, courses, and screencasts to help you develop for Android — the Kotlin way. Get 20% off before March 30th!

RecyclerView — More Animations with Less Code (

ListAdapter is a new class bundled with the latest support library and simplifies the code required to work with RecyclerViews. The end result is less code for you to write and more recycler view animations happening for free.

Android Test Orchestrator unmasked (

Piotr Zawadzki started using Android Test Orchestrator to help with instrumentation tests. In this article, he explains what it actually is, what issues it solves and how to use it.

link image   Advanced Android Developers are in Hot Demand (

Adv Android Bootcamp. April 30-May 4.Train with the authors of Big Nerd Ranch Guides. Connect with other developers. Get help with specific projects. Registration close soon.

How I hacked around the Pocket app to cut down on my browser tabs. (

Chris Guzman wanted to solve a problem he had of opening too many tabs in his browser on the phone. Here's how he built a useful utility app for Android.

Building a video player app in Android (Part 2 / 5) (

The goal of this series of articles is to get you started with using ExoPlayer to build a simple video player app. In this second part, Nazmul Idris looks into ExoPlayer playlists, UI customization, and events.

About the Potential Android P App Ban (

"Future Android versions will also restrict apps that don’t target a recent API level and adversely impact performance or security." Mark Murphy digs a little deeper to find out what this might mean.

Mocking Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way (

Do you declare all your Kotlin classes 'open' so you can use Mockito? Brais Gabín Moreira shows us a better way.

Colour Wheel – Part 1 (

Mark Allison shows us how to programmatically create a color wheel that's commonly used in apps.

Cucumber on Android (

In this post Emma Suzuki will walk you through the process about testing your Android app using Cucumber.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 63k Android devs (



Android Developer (Stockholm, Sweden)

Write clean and maintainable code. You’ll work with modern and innovative Android architectures such as MVP and MVVM (MVC is so last year!) Don't be afraid of heights – we’re on the 29th floor with a 360 view of Stockholm.

Senior Android Dev - Android Excellence App (Paris, or Remote with European timezone)

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Libraries & Code

link image   Hiroaki (

Write idiomatic API integration tests using Kotlin (Unit and Instrumentation)

recordablesurfaceview (

A drop-in replacement for GLSurfaceView that can be used to record to an mp4 movie.

kotlintest (

Powerful, elegant and flexible Kotlin test framework

android-text-styles (

Zeplin extension for exporting text styles for Android that works with custom fonts

kotlinconf-app (

This is the official KotlinConf App and contains the source code of the application. All pieces of the application are implemented in Kotlin. Backend, frontend and mobile apps are Kotlin applications. Yes, Kotlin is powering all parts of the story.

Store (

Android Library for Async Data Loading and Caching



link image   Activity Recognition’s new Transition API (

Google has made the Activity Recognition Transition API available to all Android developers. This API helps determine when the user has started or ended an activity like walking or driving.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Dialogs: ViewModel & LiveData (

How do you set up ViewModel and LiveData to fetch from the internet? Lyla Fujiwara walks us through these architecture components, plus some tips and tricks on what to store in ViewModel vs onSaveInstanceState.

Flutter and cross platform development (

In this episode, the team dives into Flutter, one of the most requested topics with GDE Eugenio Marletti.

Android Dialogs: Idiomatic Interop in Kotlin + KEEP (

Huyen sits down with Kevin Most to talk about Kotlin's interoperability with Java and best practices to cleanly call Kotlin from Java and to cleanly call Java from Kotlin.