Issue #304

April 8th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

RxJava & State: The Basics (

Laimonas Turauskas has been using a reactive functional approach to manage state. Here he shows examples of how to implement this using RxJava.

Coroutines and RxJava — An Asynchronicity Comparison (Part 1) (

In this blog series, Manuel Vicente Vivo compares Kotlin Coroutines and RxJava on different topics since they are trying to solve a common problem in Android development: Asynchronous Programming.

link image   Simulators suck. Unless you’re in a video game (

100% of real customers use real devices, so why not test that way? This super-flexible real-device platform lets you run manual and automated tests for Web, hybrid and native apps – whether devices are on-premise or in the cloud. At 30% less than the usual suspects. Try Kobiton free.

Drawing multiline text to Canvas on Android (

Nick Rout shows how to leverage the Android framework and Kotlin to make Canvas text drawing more powerful.

Release Notes using Fastlane (

Tom Wilson shows how to automate your release notes using the fastlane automation toolkit.

link image   Do you know how to predict game monetization? (

Discover insights including an analysis on the models used by top game developers to predict and calculate lifetime value of game players from Google Play apps and games on Medium.

How to develop an Android IoT app using Android Things and Cloud (

In this article, Francesco Azzola covers how to develop an Android IoT app that uses Android Things. The app will send data, acquired from the sensors, to the cloud.

ADB Commands — Part III (

Filipe Batista is back again with the final post on ADB Commands. Here he shares ‘extra’ commands that can be like a ‘Swiss army knife’ and save you hours of despair.

Colour Wheel – Part 3 (

Mark Allison continues this short series on how to render a color wheel dynamically.

The D8 dexer (

The Android tools team has released the next-generation dex compiler, D8. D8 is the replacement for DX and it comes with the new release of Android Studio 3.1.0. Sagar Viradiya takes a look at why it's an improvement.

Introducing Hyperion for Android (

Sean Amos and Evan Tatarka announce the release of Hyperion for Android, a plug-and-play debug menu library designed to help fill in the gaps between design, development, and QA.

The Social App: Repository Setup (

Rafael Toledo continues his series building a Kotlin & Firebase App from Scratch.

RecyclerView — More Animations with Less Code using ListAdapter (

ListAdapter is a new class bundled in the 27.1.0 support library and simplifies the code required to work with RecyclerViews. Craig Russell shows how it works.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 63k Android devs (



Senior Android Engineer (Berlin)

Clue is the world’s fastest growing period tracking and fertility app. We are a 55-person, VC-­backed startup based in Berlin. Clue for Android has millions of users worldwide, which creates a very exciting challenge for our team.

Android Developer (Durham, NC)

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Libraries & Code

link image   Hyperion-Android (

App Debugging & Inspection Tool for Android

scrcpy (

This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB. It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS.

friendlypix (

Friendly Pix is a Google sample app demonstrating how a photo-sharing social network can be built using the Firebase Platform.

koptional (

Minimalistic Optional type for Kotlin that tries to fit its null-safe type system as smooth as possible.



link image   Android Studio switching to D8 dexer (

Google announced that D8 has become the default compiler in Android Studio 3.1 and they hope that you notice better, faster dex compilation as you make the switch.

Support Library 27.1.1 (

Support Library 27.1.1 has been released with numerous bug fixes.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   DroidKaigi 2018 - Moving Forward with JUnit 5 (

Marcel Schnelle presents the advantages of early adoption of JUnit 5 for Android developers by introducing a third-party Gradle plugin which enables any Android project to profit from what will eventually become the future de-facto standard for unit testing.

Learning Kotlin: An Android Developer’s Journey (

In this talk, Rebecca Franks presents some of the nifty features she has explored while learning Kotlin, as well as the many different ways she has gone about trying to learn this new language.



Droidcon Berlin 2018 - 25. - 27. Juni 2018 (

We're excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year in summer! droidcon Berlin is where the industry's leading Android experts converge to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies. We will attract over 1200 developers in 2018, have 80+ technical Android talks, workshops & codelabs!