Issue #306

April 22nd, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Creating a promo-video for your app-store entry (

In order to increase the app-store conversion of his app, Christoph Wiesner thought of adding a promo-video. Here's how created a simple video.

Multi-scoping Dagger components (

Remco Mokveld discusses a scoping feature of Dagger 2 which is not very well known but does help a lot if you have a specific module that is reused a couple of times in the app.

Morality and Ethics in Software (

Computer ethics is an incredibly wide and subjective topic. Sam Warner shares some thoughts on this important matter.

link image   Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery for you (

Bitrise automates build, test and deployment for Fox, InVision, Grindr, PagerDuty and the community of 40K+ developers. Craft powerful workflows with 170+ integrations and run the same config locally with our CLI. Sign up to Bitrise and deploy your Android app in minutes.

Android Developer Survey (by Google) (

The Android team would like your feedback! Please take a few minutes to complete this developer survey.

ImageDecoder – Animated GIF (

Previously Mark Allison showed the basics of how to use ImageDecoder, but there were no obvious benefits over BitmapFactory. However, the big deal here is that ImageDecoder is able to decode animated GIF files and return these inside a new AnimatedImageDrawable type.

Exploring the v28 Android Design Support Library Additions (

Version 28 of the Android support library was recently announced. Joe Birch takes a look at the additions which have been made to the Support library in the form of Material view components, with a collection of exciting new components that we now have access to.

The Story behind the DevConf 2018 App (

Imagine being tasked to develop a mobile app for one of the most important events in the software development community. Here's Velaphi Mathebula experience working on the app.

Hints for Beginners Navigating Around New Code (

Anastasiia Zhuravleva shares some tips to give you an idea of what to be aware of when you are starting with code you are unfamiliar with.

The Android process on Chrome OS (

This document outlines the process by which Android runs in a Linux container in Chrome OS.

Coping with Kotlin's Scope Functions (

Simon Wirtz writes about a special collection of functions can be described as “scope functions” and they are part of the Kotlin standard library: let, run, also, apply and with.

An Architectural overview of the new GO-JEK rider app (

Abhay Sood shares how his company rearchitected their Android app.



link image   Place a sponsored post & reach over 64k Android devs (

You can place a job posting directly through our website, or contact Martin for placing a sponsored post to advertise your Android development product or service that helps Android developers doing their job



Senior Android Engineer (m/f) (Berlin, Germany) makes high quality physical rehabilitation programs available and affordable for everyone. They are looking for a Senior Android Engineer.


Libraries & Code

link image   Paris (

Paris lets you define and apply styles programmatically to Android views, including custom attributes.

CounterView (

A simple Android counter view for showing edittext character counts.



link image   Platform versions dashboard Updated (

Platform versions dashboards updated with the latest platform distribution percentages.

New "Inside Facebook Mobile" Podcast (

Introducing the Inside Facebook Mobile podcast. Two Facebook engineers, Emil and Pascal, will interview mobile developers in the company to highlight the technical work of their global engineers.

Android Things Release Candidate (

Google announced the final preview release of Android Things, Developer Preview 8, before the upcoming stable release.

Emulator 27.2.5 Canary (

Emulator 27.2.5 is now available in the Canary channel


Videos & Podcasts

link image   How Proguard Works (

In this talk from Droidcon Boston 2018, Jeb Ware shows exactly how ProGuard is analyzing, and transforming your app.

Android Dialogs: Twitch + ARCore (

While in San Francisco for KotlinConf, Huyen catches up with Joaquim Verges, Android developer at Twitch, to talk a little about Twitch Extensions and a lot about his experiments with ARCore.

Chicago Roboto 2018 Recap (

Here is Nate Ebel'sChicago Roboto 2018 recap and a number of his favorite bits from the conference.