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May 6th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Custom Alert Dialogs + Kotlin extension functions (

Mohammed Audhil found an elegant way to write a re-usable Alert Dialog class in Kotlin to be used across an app.

SQLite/SQLDelight loves Kotlin Multiplatform (

Kevin Galligan is working on writing cross-platform apps using Kotlin Multiplatform. There are a lot of pieces missing, but he's now added some of this to help complete this great goal.

Image Decoder – Post Processing and Masks (

This article concludes Mark Allison's look at the new ImageDecoder, with some post-processing features. Not only is it a really clean API, but it is also hugely powerful and provides a framework for creating some really interesting effects.

link image   Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery for you (

Bitrise automates build, test and deployment for Fox, InVision, Grindr, PagerDuty and the community of 40K+ developers. Craft powerful workflows with 170+ integrations and run the same config locally with our CLI. Sign up to Bitrise and deploy your Android app in minutes.

Create a DSL in Kotlin (

Kotlin as a programming language provides some very powerful features, which allow the creation of custom internal Domain Specific Languages (DSL).  Simon Wirtz shows how to create a DSL in Kotlin by introducing a library that offers a DSL as its API.

Even smarter async with coroutine actors (

Erik Hellman previous examples don’t suit the cases where there is a continuous stream of events, like click listeners and other continuous event sources. In this post, he describes how to use an actor in coroutines to solve this.

Nanoscope: An Extremely Accurate Method Tracing Tool for Android (

The Uber team released Nanoscope: an extremely accurate method tracing tool for Android.

link image   Getting started with Google ARCore on Android (

Google’s ARCore platform can create virtual objects, blending them with the real world through your device’s camera. Follow along as the Novoda team explores some key ARCore concepts and delve into creating an augmented reality app from scratch.

RxJava to Kotlin coroutines (

This post is a summary of how Chris Banes refactored an app which uses RxJava pretty heavily, to one which uses Kotlin coroutines too. Specifically, he talks about switching out Single/Maybe/Completable sources to coroutines.

Immerse Yourself in the Android Developer Community (

Tyler McCraw shares a great set of resources to help you get immersed in the greater Android community.

Using Android’s ActionMode (

For contextual menus, the documentation stipulates that using Android’s ActionMode is the “preferred technique for displaying contextual actions”. Nick Rout shows how to make use of this mode.

Best Practices for Enabling ProGuard (

Most of these tips by Jeb Ware are focused on the fact that obfuscation can expose problems that are only seen at runtime, and then only when a specific code path is executed.  This means that most of these rules are focused on making sure you’re likely to discover those problems.

Unidirectional data flow on Android: The blog post (part 2). (

In part 2, Cesar Valiente is going to show some code, and going to go through each component showing code snippets of their structure and main responsibilities.

Resources for Firebase Developers (

In this article, Kaan Mamikoglu shares some resources that will let you get started with Firebase, dig deeper, ask questions or stay up-to-date.

Kotlin Coroutines — Handling concurrency like a pro with Retrofit 2 (

Kotlin coroutines is a way of doing things asynchronously in a sequential manner. Creating coroutines is cheap vs creating threads. Veeresh Charantimath shows how they work.

Custom Light Drawing in an Android Smart Home app (

Gabor Novak shares a cool technique for rendering (using vectors) how a light will fill a room.

Configuring Retrofit 2 Client in Android (

Akshay Moorthy covers how to fully set up a Retrofit 2 client to support SSL certs, Auth headers, and more.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 64k Android devs (



Android App Developer @ Amazon Key (Palo Alto, California)

Amazon Key Team is pioneering secure access, delivery, and services. We are looking for an enthusiastic Android developer. Required: BS CS/CE/EE, 4+ years SW development and 2+ years consumer Android apps. Preferred: MS CS; Android frameworks and SDKs, Android Wear, Kotlin; iOS and Cloud experience

Senior Android Developer (Berlin)

Hey there! We are the Apps team at, a subsidiary of the Daimler AG. We aim to connect all car users with the services and information they need to make experiencing, maintaining, and using a car simpler and more delightful. We’re looking for you as a senior android developer.

Android Developer (Remote UK)

At MYPINPAD we develop industry changing payment and authentication solutions. We are looking for an Android developer to join our small experienced team. MYPINPAD is remote first, with some time required in Bristol / Cardiff (UK) as required.

Android Infrastructure Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects people with great local businesses. We’re looking for Senior Android Engineers. We believe in well architectured code, the full testing pyramid, and fast developer tooling. Our modularized app builds in <1m and yes we support Kotlin :)


Libraries & Code

link image   Flashbar (

A highly customizable, powerful and easy-to-use alerting library for Android.

TlsLibrary (

Simple TlsLibrary written in Kotlin - Provides DSL for creating TLS connections

nanoscope (

An extremely accurate Android method tracing tool

Briar 1.0 RC (

Briar is an open source decentralized secure messenger that would even work over bluetooth in case there is no internet. The sourcecode is worth checking out: Lot's of "by the book" code on how to implement certain things (dependency injection, online / offline checking).



link image   Investing in startups and the future of the Google Assistant (

To promote more creativity build voice assistant apps, Google is opening a new investment program for early-stage startups that share their passion for the digital assistant ecosystem, helping to push new ideas forward and advance the possibilities of what digital assistants can do.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon Italy 2018 (

All the presentations from Droidcon Italy 2018

Kotlin Mobile (Android & IOS) Multiplatform Preview (

The Kotlin/Native side of Multiplatform was discussed a lot after KotlinConf, but not a lot has been built. Kevin goes over some of the libraries coming soon, demo SqlLite and some other architectural libraries on iOS, and walk through the pieces needed to get started.

ADB 90: Spanspanspanspan (

In this episode, Chet talks with Florina Muntenescu and Clara Bayarri about text. The conversation spans spanning, spannables, spans, and of course spans, and a bunch more.

Experiences from a first time conference speaker (

When Nate Ebel finally worked up the courage to submit conference talk proposals, he did so with the intention of documenting the speaking process if I were selected. He hopes that by openly sharing his experiences that perhaps others that are considering taking the same leap will be inspired.