Issue #312

June 3rd, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Restructuring Litho’s CircleCI config for Workflows (

Pavlos-Petros Tournaris explains how he improved the Litho open source project's automated build on CircleCI.

Navigation Architecture Components (

The Navigation component is comprised of a set of tools, APIs, and resources that allow you to build your app navigation declaratively and visually. Eric Maxwell shares a nice overview of how it works.

Fun With Cutouts (

One of the new features in Android P is the support for display cutouts. Cyril Mottier shares some really neat techniques for integrating them into the visual design of your app.

link image   Learn insights to optimize for Android Go (

Discover insights to help you optimize your app or game for Android (Go edition) and create better app experiences.

Do Androids Dream of UI Testing? (

Artur Dryomov writes extensively about the various layers of testing and how they apply to Android development.

Maintainable Architecture – Separation Of Concerns (

Creating a maintainable, flexible codebase is not easy but is an essential part of software engineering. In this series, Mark Allison takes a look at a simple, functional weather app and look at some of the issues in its design.

Store+Room — A Reactive Repository (

Mike Nakhimovich writes about how the open source Store library was updated to also support Room persistence library.

Reconciling GraphQL and Thrift at Airbnb (

Airbnb frontend engineers wanted rapid iteration and flexibility from GraphQL, while backend engineers wanted stability and specificity from Thrift. This is the story of how they got the two groups talking and built something that works for everyone.

Android Testing - Google I/O 2018 - What's new? - Part 1 (

Bart Ziemba and Jonathan Taylor share & summarize their favorite talks from Google I/O 2018.

Sharpening Retrofit with Dagger (

Warren Smith shares one of his favorite patterns using Dagger to lazily initialize an OkHttpClient on a background thread the first time a network call is made.

Building ARCore apps using Sceneform — Part 1 (

In this following series, Hari Vignesh Jayapalan writes about the fundamentals of AR, ARCore SDK, and Sceneform Framework  using simple examples. You will be walking away with an AR app at the end of this series.

Dynamic feature module, Android OnDemand module (

Saurabh Patel continues his series of articles about Dynamic App Bundles, walking through the steps needed to implement this in your app.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 64k Android devs (



link image   Sculpting Software Animation (

Designing animation is sculpting time. Timing is critical. If you don’t consider animation timing, you’re not designing animation. Pasquale D’Silva shows us why.

Tab Bars are the new Hamburger Menus (

In this article, Fabian Sebastian talks about a navigation pattern that got out of hand. (Hint: It's Tab Bars)



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Libraries & Code

swarmer (

Reactive tool to create and start multiple Android Emulators in parallel

PhotoEditor (

A Photo Editor library with simple, easy support for image editing using paints, text, emoji, and Sticker like stories.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Jetpack: ViewModel (

A closer look at JetPack: ViewModel is part of the Lifecycle library which was designed to help you solve common Android Lifecycle challenges and to make your apps more maintainable and testable.

Android Jetpack: Autosizing TextView (

For the best user experience with text, material design recommends using a dynamic type instead of smaller type sizes or truncating larger-size text.

Android Developers Backstage: WorkManager (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Sumir Kataria about the new WorkManager library that was announced at Google I/O

Fragmented: GraphQL and Apollo with GDE Mike Nakhimovich (Part 1) (

In this episode, the team talks about GraphQL with GDE Mike Nakhimovich. He helped create the library Apollo for Android, which is the defacto official GraphQL client for Android.

Learning Android: What Android Devs Wish They Had Known (

What do Android developers wish they would have known when starting out learning Android? Nate Ebel asked the greater Android community and here's what he found.



Developer Economics Survey Q2 2018 (