Issue #318

July 15th, 2018

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Android Jetpack - NavigationUI (

Overall Jetpack makes android development easy and it helps you to focus more on your app’s business logic rather than spending more time on framework specific implementations. Sagar Viradiya shows us how to use it.

link image   (Online Talk) How Kotlin Interoperates with Java (

Attendees can connect with the author of Kotlin Programming in this online discussion. Free, signed copies of the book will be given away. Limited seats. Learn more & register.

Why We Need “fat” AARs for Android Libraries (

Sam Edwards makes the case for the ability to create a single (“fat”) AAR artifact from multiple Android Libraries (all from source). This is currently not easily done and is reaching out for community support.

link image   Get Detailed Bug Reports from Users In-App (

Instabug’s SDK minimizes your debugging time by providing you with visual repro-steps, network logs, and environment details automatically with every bug report. The top mobile companies like Lyft and eBay rely on Instabug to enhance their app quality. Get started now for free with one line of code.

Maintainable Architecture – UI Layer (

In the previous article, Mark Allison added a data layer to provide a five-day weather forecast. With that in place hooking up the UI is now actually pretty straightforward.

link image   Want to improve app quality with Android vitals? (

Discover insights to help find success fixing app quality, and learn how fixing crashes and unnecessary wake locks can improve Play Store performance.

Migrating your Realm to Kotlin – Blue Apron Engineering (

Prem Nirmal describes how he continues to move his app to Kotlin, including the database layer which uses Realm.

Model-View-Intent & Data Binding (

Jarosław Michalik takes a closer look at Model-View-Intent approach to implementing UI and tries to reduce boilerplate with data binding.

Social Network Integration on Android (

In this tutorial, Aaqib Hussain shows how to integrate a user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts into your Android app to allow them to log in and also share posts from your app into their social networking account.

Kotlin Demystified: What are 'scope functions' and why are they special? (

Kotlin “scope functions” are functions that allow for changing the scope, or the range, of a variable. Nicole Borrelli enumerates them and shows examples of their usage.

Seedbank — discover machine learning examples (

Google launched Seedbank, a place to discover interactive machine learning examples which you can run from your browser, no set-up required.

From Java Builders to Kotlin DSLs (

Márton Braun shows you how to implement a certain kind of DSL – wrapping an existing Java Builder in Kotlin.



Place a sponsored post & reach over 65k Android devs (



App dev to Innovative Infomaker! (Kalmar, Sweden)

Infomaker is a big software company characterised by knowledge, innovation and dedication. Colleagues work in smaller teams and closely with customers in media, such as Gota Media, Bonnier News and Hall Media.

Software Engineer, Android (San Francisco)

Asana builds collaboration software to help all teams work together effortlessly. We are looking for an experienced Android engineer to help us define and build the future of work tracking on mobile devices, specifically on the Android platform.

Android Developer @ Big Nerd Ranch (Remote, USA)

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in developing business-building mobile apps for our clients, teaching fellow developers, and writing our best selling Big Nerd Ranch Guides.  We are looking for Android Engineers to join our team. 


Libraries & Code

link image   android-face-detector (

Face detector is a face detection Android library which can be easily plugged into any camera API. It is built on top of Firebase ML Kit's face detection API.

UnderlinePageIndicator (

This indicator will underline each tab text, morphing its size while scrolling

Seedbank (

We call them "seeds". Each seed is a machine learning example you can start playing with. Explore, learn and grow them into whatever you like.



link image   Android Emulator - AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support (

For those using AMD processors, and those who use Hyper-V hypervisors, Google announces support in the Android Emulator.

Architecture Components - Navigation (

The Navigation feature that's part of the Architecture Components is available now as version 1.0.0-alpha03.

How creating an Action can complement your Android app (

Creating an Action for the Assistant will extend your brand presence, bringing your services to new devices and contexts as users interact with the Google Assistant.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Learn Java or Kotlin? (

Nate Ebel shares his thoughts about if you should you learn Java or Kotlin when starting as an Android developer and gives some strategies for prioritizing your learning.

ARCore with Yulia Kaleda (

The Fragmented team talks to Yuliya Kaleda– also known as the walking wizard of ARCore



link image   Android Weekly Merchandise (

Yep, we finally created a merchandise store and we will upload new designs from time to time as well. For the start you can find our logo on several products. So go grab yourself an Android Weekly shirt or coffee cup :)



Mobiconf 2018 (

Mobiconf is connecting designers & developers. Only in Krakow, October 4-5. Early Birds tickets available only until 22nd of June!

Win a free trip to the Space App Camp 2018 (

Win a free trip to the ESA Space App Camp 2018 in Frascati, Italy! Seize your opportunity to meet like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data and gain insight into ESA's work.