Issue #44

November 2nd, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Styling Pull to Refresh (

Mark Allison has started a new series: Styling Pull to Refresh.


Nexus 10 launcher icons (
In this Google+ post Nick Butcher reminds us gently to update our icons for the Nexus 10.

Android Scripts (
Android Scripts is a neat little collection of shell scripts that speeds up your development process.

Views saving instance state in Android (
The activity lifecycle is often ignored by new developers. They realize it, when a device rotation is tearing down and setting up an activity and all the state is lost. This blog post by Charles Harley explains how to properly save the view state and restore it again, when the view comes back to life.


Post a job on Android Weekly (
And reach Android Developers around the world!

Libraries & Code

RoboSpice (
RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous network requests easy. It executes asynchronously (in a background AndroidService) network requests and supports REST out of the box via Spring Android [link zu].

Android Websockets (
A very simple bare-minimum WebSocket and Socket.IO client for Android by Koushik Dutta.

Android File Chooser (
This library by Paul Burke provides you the possibility to choose a file from the filesystem or an external storage device.

Green Droid Light (
GreenDroid light is... guess what, a lighter version of the GreenDroid library. Nikolaus Klein, has removed the ActionBar code, since you can (and should) use ActionBarSherlock - he also removed some of the original constraints.


Link Bild Whats new in Jelly Bean (

A new flavour of Jelly Bean has been released. The Android 4.2 goodness brings us a whole new camera experience, display mirroring, beam to device and countless additional features.


The best of Google, now in three sizes (
The nexus comes in three different sizes: The Nexus 4 is a mobile phone, the Nexus 7 a lightweight tablet and the Nexus 10 is the ultimate tablet solution. The devices look really tempting to buy, just the versioning is a little confusing and will bring headaches with future updates.